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some old artikals

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If you want to get more info about Belgian situation read sceptr

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Website does not open... Blank page... most probably taken down

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lol or your web browser is busted 😄

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Tested and works on Firefox/Chrome/IE/Edge

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Winnie se gat.

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Stem saam winnie se gat

2018-07-18 09:56:38 UTC  

Protest still ongoing in hermanus,loud bangs heard(from my source) going of throughout the night,and at this moment. Police presence still heavy hermanus.

The protests are not connected to the april/may schulphoek situation. This sutuation is more volatile as its a group with a ringleader( Gcobani ndzongana) he is on twitter,who demands land its seems. He was arrested and his followers are protesting for his release,he wil be in im court tomorrow regarding his charges. Things Could turn more volatile tomorrow. Police even called for the army to be brought in. It seems our SAPS is not capable of even handling a small group of protesters,just imagine when 10,000 protest. I highly doubt our army will even be capable of handling it. Things are only going to get worst with lead up to the 2019 elections.

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w!everyday Orania

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