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yeah she is future slave force, it's obvious they want them dumber than ever before, makes you wonder how low they plan to go with this

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I came, I ran the gif above, I saw this illustration that matched my run on the gif, I laughed

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lekker lang naweek al julle mense. veilige trips as jle travel.

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@Sidius Hau! Nothing in there is factually true or accurate in any way.

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The Circle of the Earth. Check out the library stamp.

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more almal

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@Deejay from Earth @Guss : 46. Ek bedoel jou ouderdom.

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Ja ek is 46. 22/6/72

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Good morning

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Worlds First Mobile Phone? (1922)

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Capture from 4:59 in the video

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I believe the light comes in from the top of the cloud and scatters , which then reflects on the bottom layer which is slightly denser.

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I can follow that logic. But a cloud is the same thing as fog on the road and a cars headlights shining on/in it cant penetrate through it very far as it is water vapor and water droplets scatter light in random directions due to their shape and voids between particles which is the reason it interacts differently than light through pure water. So I dont agree fully.

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Yeah there's so much left to re-discover here for the scientifically-minded. The whole thing is nothing short of magic. Personally I don't sweat the nitty gritty details too much, I am more interested in what it's for and what makes it tick.

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Nikola tesla Why did Tesla say that 3,6,9 was the key to the universe?

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Not one North / South circumnavigation. Because no-can-do on Flat Earth.

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When you ask Hilter if the earth is flat

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lol good one

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@MR VLAK Please refer me to where the journeys are officially recorded by the governing body of the sport.

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Comments from the article. 😂

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Yeah those comments are funny. Its like moths to a flame, they cant help themselves.

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I do not understand why a expedition will be documented by a governing body of sport?