Message from Sidius in Willem Petzer Live Chat #info-wars

2018-08-11 06:18:24 UTC  

Can't you read? Scroll back bonehead.

2018-08-11 06:18:52 UTC  

I dont care what you told other people. I am here engaging with you

2018-08-11 06:20:39 UTC  

Deejay do you remember that cad export you posted that had the terrible fps🤣 and you thought it was a camera on a ballon?

2018-08-11 06:20:41 UTC  

@MR VLAK Sorry you're not bright enough for that sunshine. As you have proven REPEATEDLY.

2018-08-11 06:21:12 UTC  

Sockpuppets! Sockpuppets everwhere!

2018-08-11 06:21:22 UTC  

Laser over water is fake. you cannot prove the laser was not pointed down and need to take defraction of light into account

2018-08-11 06:22:24 UTC  

@MR VLAK Visual videographic evidence you apocalyptic dingle-berry.

2018-08-11 06:22:40 UTC

2018-08-11 06:22:43 UTC  

@Deejay from Earth as visual as a NASA video

2018-08-11 06:23:17 UTC  

@MR VLAK Are you blind, daft, or both?

2018-08-11 06:24:17 UTC  

Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum is on the attack!

2018-08-11 06:24:23 UTC  

@Deejay from Earth take a step back and think critically of what you are saying to me

2018-08-11 06:25:28 UTC  

@MR VLAK Yeah I'm saying you are a LIAR and a FRAUD and I can prove flat earth in a court-room in front of a judge. What else would you like to know?

2018-08-11 06:26:18 UTC  

Also you can see that they can both see each other on the 2 points in the video. If you really want to prove there is no curvature. Please point a stronger laser over water between SA and Australia. Or even SA and south America somewhere. Because then you will absolutely see the curvature causes the laser to not be seen on the other side. Think critically and stop crying when we use your evidence to disprove your own wayward believes.

2018-08-11 06:26:48 UTC  

@Sidius Your opinion is shit.

2018-08-11 06:27:01 UTC  

@Sidius And it doesn't matter

2018-08-11 06:27:22 UTC  

@Sidius What you think

2018-08-11 06:27:32 UTC  

Then the reciprocate is just as true deejay🤣

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2018-08-11 06:28:06 UTC

2018-08-11 06:30:51 UTC  

Cessna at Max Altitude (4.5km) and a Baloon at 114k ft. Note that Sketchup has segmented the globe a bit so just keep that in mind. It is scaled in meters. NOTE: The plane and baloon are not scaled, they are for illustrative purposes only

2018-08-11 06:32:14 UTC  

i will just repost this

2018-08-11 06:32:56 UTC  


2018-08-11 06:35:10 UTC  

@MR VLAK well done op daai. Ekt al gewens ek kon daai illustrate. Darm het daar mense gejoin wat kan.

2018-08-11 06:35:20 UTC  

@Sheamus you should give him the model + camera view so he can stop moaning that you are making a photoshop or something. TBH his photo had more aberrations than a 3D model, that fascinates me.

2018-08-11 06:36:10 UTC  

@Sidius groot plesier 👌🏼

2018-08-11 06:36:11 UTC  

@MR VLAK Waar is die view uit die cockpit uit Dirkie?

2018-08-11 06:37:39 UTC  

Die camera clip uit want hy kan net in sekere intervals beweeg soos jy sien op die video. Dit is hoekom ons dit in n 3d rendering tool gesit het om daai view te recreate (Unreal Engine)

2018-08-11 06:37:40 UTC

2018-08-11 06:38:14 UTC  

Nie met jou kamera op 'n angle nie

2018-08-11 06:38:15 UTC  

@Deejay from Earth kyk na die angle van die view... dan kyk as ek loodreg met die plane kyk..

2018-08-11 06:38:17 UTC  


2018-08-11 06:38:51 UTC  

Sheamus sin kyk perfect loodreg uit

2018-08-11 06:39:22 UTC  

@MR VLAK Shaemus se model is so real soos sy naam dude

2018-08-11 06:39:30 UTC  

Ons het die vleigtuid na 4.5km gevat want the 900ft was te min (net 273m of so)

2018-08-11 06:40:08 UTC  

@MR VLAK En moenie vergeet om vir my die horison view van 114,000 voet ook te wys nie.

2018-08-11 06:40:15 UTC  


2018-08-11 06:40:46 UTC  

EK het daai balon daar in vir jou, het dit ook vir hom gegee om in Unreal in te trek vir jou

2018-08-11 06:41:46 UTC  

die balon video wat jy gelink het het vir my baie na gelyk aan my video

2018-08-11 06:42:02 UTC  

@MR VLAK Hierso is hoe dit lyk as jy dit eerlik doen en nie lieg soos 'n brandsiek psigopaat nie.