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2017-02-05 22:42:49 UTC  

I bet theres Antifa in this group 100%

2017-02-05 22:42:55 UTC  

Watching us

2017-02-05 22:43:01 UTC  


2017-02-05 22:43:14 UTC  

you should have only invited people you could verify through their twitter accounts

2017-02-05 22:43:23 UTC  

you had an open invite, well done

2017-02-05 22:43:30 UTC  

Is anyone here a mod/admin? I desperately want to find a core group for a British anticom

2017-02-05 22:43:32 UTC  


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2017-02-05 22:43:45 UTC  

Even if antifags are here, what can they do?

2017-02-05 22:44:01 UTC  

@Ulstèr-Scotch WHAT DO THEY MEAN!?

2017-02-05 22:44:02 UTC  

antifags will just fuck shit up, spam derail and concern troll

2017-02-05 22:44:04 UTC  

Who cares if there's antifa in here, there's /pol/acks and probably anticom in antifa as well

2017-02-05 22:44:08 UTC  

one sec I'll summon the NatSoc but to play anti-jew music

2017-02-05 22:44:17 UTC  

MONARCH if you knew Northern Ireland was in Britian then you'll know there's British Anti-Com 😉

2017-02-05 22:44:23 UTC  

I'm guessing Pepe can deal with them if they try to fuck shit up

2017-02-05 22:44:28 UTC  

@Ulstèr-Scotch What colors are your insignia, I forgot to ask you

2017-02-05 22:44:32 UTC  

Or moonman

2017-02-05 22:44:38 UTC  

@Anticom LR espionage against espionage, typical

2017-02-05 22:44:38 UTC  


2017-02-05 22:44:48 UTC

2017-02-05 22:44:48 UTC  

Gadsgen Yellow, Black

2017-02-05 22:44:54 UTC  

Red Hand of Ulster

2017-02-05 22:45:10 UTC  

90% of Antif members are in high school or college

2017-02-05 22:45:17 UTC  

They are uneducated

2017-02-05 22:45:27 UTC  

There brainwashed

2017-02-05 22:45:27 UTC  

@Ulstèr-Scotch but I want a more centralised group, or perhaps just an English group. I want to be out there helping the public

2017-02-05 22:45:29 UTC  

This is the blind reality

2017-02-05 22:45:34 UTC  

Antifa members are skinny faggots with dreadlocks lmao

2017-02-05 22:45:39 UTC  

Properly educated people tend to be more Capitalistic

2017-02-05 22:45:40 UTC  


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2017-02-05 22:45:57 UTC  

Most on 4chan may be losers but atleast we can lift a fucking plank

2017-02-05 22:46:03 UTC  


2017-02-05 22:46:03 UTC

2017-02-05 22:46:09 UTC  

@Rancidmuffin T E X A S

2017-02-05 22:46:13 UTC  

Look at them

2017-02-05 22:46:15 UTC  


2017-02-05 22:46:17 UTC  

Cuck looking

2017-02-05 22:46:18 UTC  

@Steven my god. Does anyone doubt that this guy is trying to stop this project from moving forward at all costs?

2017-02-05 22:46:42 UTC  

Antifa members have a group mentality. They are weak on their own but they find safety in numbers and a common ideology