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2018-07-20 18:33:47 UTC  

I remember watching sabc news in 2000 when the farmers literally fled with the clothes on their backs while the farms were burned in the background.

2018-07-20 18:34:10 UTC  

any updates with the khoisan secession?

2018-07-20 18:34:31 UTC  

@Gonzo they at least had a place to flee to, we don’t.

2018-07-20 18:34:42 UTC  

@plasma Nada, as expected. Like a chain letter scam...

2018-07-20 18:34:52 UTC  

ah fucking publicity stunt

2018-07-20 18:34:54 UTC  

Exploiting people's hopes.

2018-07-20 18:34:57 UTC  

i dont like that kang anymore.

2018-07-20 18:36:37 UTC  

The best plan is to get security groups and networks to interconnect, nationally. Farms patrol groups, town networks, Afriforum networks ex. Then at least people can mobilize and react as necessary

2018-07-20 18:37:50 UTC  

@Karooboer the constitution needs to be ammended first,cant do anything if its not set in place. Thats why slow puncture is so vocal about it to get people radicalised and on his team for when the anc fails to push it through. Then we will see violence like never before.

2018-07-20 18:38:10 UTC  

what i find kinda odd is that ya'll aint racist as shit

2018-07-20 18:38:34 UTC  

race and iq

2018-07-20 18:38:36 UTC  

etc etc

2018-07-20 18:38:45 UTC  

@Gonzo so we know what to prepare for then

2018-07-20 18:39:04 UTC  
2018-07-20 18:39:10 UTC  


2018-07-20 18:39:18 UTC  

@plasma because that is counter productive, won’t help us shit

2018-07-20 18:39:38 UTC  

Ya sure? What about just banding together and taking a piece of land like they are?

2018-07-20 18:39:46 UTC  

i mean im ignorant and stupid on the topic to be honest.

2018-07-20 18:42:10 UTC  

@plasma Because white SA culture developed in very close proximity to black culture; we don't have time for *trivial* race tensions or racist rhetoric like many Americans or Europeans. Maybe I'm just biased as South Afriican. Americans are way more blatantly racist then us.

2018-07-20 18:42:24 UTC  

@plasma the “real” war is between them, they are still tribal as ever. They use us and land as an attempt to unify themselves, but as soon as order collapses they will attack each other aswell.

2018-07-20 18:42:59 UTC  

@Karooboer if we didnt have civil war when hani was murdered in 93' i doubt we wil see a full scale civil war all over the country. But never say never,history has shown it can happen.

2018-07-20 18:43:29 UTC  

For example, making a lot of noise regarding race and IQ isn't gonna help us jackshit.

2018-07-20 18:43:35 UTC  

@Gonzo back then we had a strong army and police, now we don’t

2018-07-20 18:43:46 UTC  

If anything, it'll be incredibly counter productive

2018-07-20 18:43:47 UTC  

@Karooboer exactly like america the most crime is still black on black

2018-07-20 18:44:17 UTC  

@Conscious Caracal right they arent smart enough to understand their own stupidity....

2018-07-20 18:44:28 UTC  

What about Suid Landers and Simon Roche, I heard that shit is fake. But he kinda made me learn about this first

2018-07-20 18:45:17 UTC  

@plasma With all due respect, white South Africans understand black people and culture a lot better than Americans - in my opinion.

2018-07-20 18:45:37 UTC  

yeah id bet you do, but NA blacks are different form African blacks.

2018-07-20 18:45:50 UTC  

10% white genese

2018-07-20 18:46:14 UTC  

What you call "KILLER AFRICANISED BEES" we just call bees.

2018-07-20 18:46:49 UTC  


2018-07-20 18:47:01 UTC  

@Conscious Caracal I get that we shouldnt autistically screah about Race and IQ but surely it offers a reasonable explanation for the high inequality in this country? Better than 'muh white privilege' arguments that are usually levelled against us.

2018-07-20 18:47:19 UTC  

Most white americans are like dodo birds

2018-07-20 18:47:37 UTC  

Good luck injecting that topic into SA discourse, @HoppeanSnake_ZA

2018-07-20 18:48:01 UTC  

....and having a calm, reasonable discussion.

2018-07-20 18:48:12 UTC  

We really need that discussion.

2018-07-20 18:48:12 UTC  

@HoppeanSnake_ZA Yeah no point in circlejerking about it but i feel that race and iq is generally accepted here

2018-07-20 18:48:14 UTC  

Really really do.

2018-07-20 18:48:24 UTC  

2018-07-20 18:48:24 UTC  

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