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2018-08-05 15:34:57 UTC  

@Piesangslaai fair enough, im a young single guy with no kids, your situations different

2018-08-05 15:35:33 UTC  

but thats why we need to get the women and children out

2018-08-05 15:35:37 UTC  

Guys it is currently real stellies hours

2018-08-05 15:35:37 UTC  

they are our future

2018-08-05 15:35:46 UTC  

2018-08-05 15:35:46 UTC  

Aangename kennis @SGL, welkom by **Willem Petzer Live Chat** πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸŒΎπŸŽ™οΈ

2018-08-05 15:35:53 UTC

2018-08-05 15:36:10 UTC  

I'm not staying because of finances, I was just arguing his point

2018-08-05 15:36:12 UTC  

@deavmi You in Stellenbosch dude?

2018-08-05 15:36:18 UTC  


2018-08-05 15:36:21 UTC  

Yeah i stidy here

2018-08-05 15:36:24 UTC  

Hello daar ouens.

2018-08-05 15:36:30 UTC  

I'm better off than most and I will find it hard to leave

2018-08-05 15:36:38 UTC  

@deavmi Noice, my sister lives in Stellenbosch, I'm going to visit in a week or two, we must drink.

2018-08-05 15:36:44 UTC  


2018-08-05 15:36:48 UTC  

I dont drink much but hey

2018-08-05 15:36:54 UTC  

Exceptions can be m a d e

2018-08-05 15:37:03 UTC  

@Dewald Don't worry I'll drink on your behalf πŸ˜„

2018-08-05 15:37:12 UTC  


2018-08-05 15:37:13 UTC  

You can jack eachother off

2018-08-05 15:37:19 UTC  


2018-08-05 15:37:22 UTC  

That is biggay

2018-08-05 15:38:18 UTC  

@Piesangslaai You don't sound very happy.

2018-08-05 15:38:54 UTC  

Just have a low tolerance for cowards

2018-08-05 15:38:56 UTC  

@Piesangslaai i can leave, i have English passport, i want to stay. My ancestors fought for this land, built this country to what it is, and i refuse to accept a kangaroo court to evict my people from their hard fought land. thats why im staying

2018-08-05 15:39:25 UTC  

'changing the constitution' what a sham

2018-08-05 15:39:46 UTC  

@Piesangslaai I'll let all this retarded name calling slide, you do you man, cheer up a bit though.

2018-08-05 15:40:17 UTC  

I would prefer staying, but I don't think we'll survive. I want to immigrate abroad.

2018-08-05 15:40:18 UTC  

@The Fleeb Yeah man, what a total shitshow

2018-08-05 15:41:01 UTC  

It's not name calling if its true

2018-08-05 15:41:16 UTC  

@Piesangslaai Chill out, man

2018-08-05 15:41:44 UTC  

I'm pretty chill dude, you seem to be the one that gets spooked easily and runs at the first sign of trouble

2018-08-05 15:42:06 UTC  

Fight julle altyd soos skoolmeisies hier binne?

2018-08-05 15:42:12 UTC  

I can see your financial situation isn't good, and you seem quite frustrated, don't take it out on others man.

2018-08-05 15:42:16 UTC  

Lees die thread

2018-08-05 15:43:01 UTC  

This is a discord of peace.

2018-08-05 15:43:11 UTC  

Okei, gaan maar aan.

2018-08-05 15:43:29 UTC  

Van waar af is julle? Niks dox nie, net algemene omgewing

2018-08-05 15:43:43 UTC  

@SGL Vrystaat, ou bees πŸ˜ƒ

2018-08-05 15:43:47 UTC  

@SGL you?

2018-08-05 15:43:47 UTC