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Kek, watched video. Cuts off at "So are the joos traitors? " and then you're smiling. Top lel

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its great right?

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heres the hit piece about it. news stations got my back and so does toyota lol
this leftist rag has a huge boner for me. owned by a literal sodomite who is also a city council member. i made appointments will all memeber of city council so they dont htink im playing favorites even though we have some of our guys on there as well. our guys assured me they would grant me a permit for my event

2017-08-20 17:38:58 UTC very fair article.
they even printed "alleged alt-righter' when refering to the girl who was killed

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date will mostly likely b the 21st. i said 14 for the meme. someone tell sam hyde he said hed speak there too. anyone know how to actually contact him lol

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@Chad Radkersburg-ND it is. Just get out there speaking more often, it helps trains the jitters out of you. I would come off as extremely nervous all the time, but practice helped make me look good over time.

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i will ty

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Going in voice and having discussions with our guys will help train your as well.

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great idea

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For me, I just don't give one fuck what leftists think. That was my one saving grace.

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I can support this notion.

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All my original OC was dog crap, but I would speak slowly on purpose to gather my thoughts. Since I'm southern they don't mind. But now I can get the argument out quick fast and keep them defensive.

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thats the idea. i love in my KFGO spot i shut Joel up by saying " why are you always bring up the joos, Joel?" lol

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Kek, beautiful. It only gets better, seriously.

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That whole interview was concern troll, "dude ovens? Like man, like bro, ovens?" Lmao, that shit was hilarious.

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I'm glad that you did the right thing and didn't back down after being doxed and having your personal info spread. I have a lot of respect for that. You did a fine job for someone just starting off with interviews.

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Good luck with future rallies.

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Skal brother.

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Peter, you are a hero

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Thank you for putting yourself out there

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np guys. spread the word about th phone calls. things are coming together.

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We are nationalists. We are pro-white civil rights, pro white advocacy and pro white nationalism. We are counter Semitic influence in our country and counter cultural marxism, marxism and degeneracy.

These are all very easy and simple to meme. We run into trouble when we flirt with 1.0 things. This is all very new and we are learning from trial and error. We need to stick to the simple things, the trinity of ideologies and energy: nationalism, white advocacy and counter semitic influences.

NSM, TWP, NF and so on are great guys, I've met many of them. We have different methods for very similar goals. They can have their methods and aesthetic and we can have ours.

The alt-right is funny, young, tech saavy, optics obsessed and disruptive to normie spaces online. We need to go back to our core competencies and push fun, simple memes about nationalism, pro-white advocacy and counter-semitism in normie spaces.

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Thats my rant on why the last week has kinda sucked for us

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Excellent line of discussions. Thanks Mr. Tefft for your work.

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@Tigris Albus did u hear the news today that the elementary teacher's union or whatever they call themselves are trying to ban Sir John A. MacDonald name from all schools? apparently he oppressed the noble savages.

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they are also considering taking William Lyon Mackenzie King off of the $50 dollar bill

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@Slayerworth Cuckington III yup. Another Cohencidence that all this anti-white iconoclasm seems to know no borders

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father of modern Zionism

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Swiss, American southerner, but the same

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In light of Google's recent stance towards free speech, I will show you how to abandon Google and embrace freedom. Here I will post software alternatives to remove Google from your life entirely. Remember, Google's sole revenue is from ads and removing yourself from their adstream both by blocking their ads and by not allowing them to track your activity to sell to advertisers hurts them!

>Google Search
Use DuckDuckGo. If you cannot find what you are looking for, don't use Google as a failsafe! Instead use Startpage that automatically proxies your searches and uses Google. If you don't like DDG, then just use Startpage entirely.

Protonmail or

>Google Drive
Use, or better yet, run your own cloud server using OwnCloud.

>Google Docs/Pres/Etc
Use libreoffice.

>Google Maps
Use OpenStreetMap

Go to your subscriptions on your profile and download the RSS copy of them, then migrate all that to an RSS reader to keep track of your subscriptions and use either hooktube or newpipe on Android to watch videos from your subscriptions. After this, delete your YouTube account.

Use Firefox or one of its many forks such as Waterfox or GNU/Icecat. Pale Moon is considered compromised because of the author's pozzed attitude towards Ad Nauseam and adblockers in general.

>Blocking Google Analytics and other Google assets
Use uBlock for this or Ad Nauseam if you want to strike back at Google by wasting ad revenue with false clicks. Then use uMatrix and decentraleyes to avoid Google CDN.

Most importantly - delete your Google account. If you use an Android phone do not sign into it with a Google account and either disable all G-Apps, or root and remove them entirely. For a Play Store alternative, use F-Droid which provides free and open source applications.

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> made it to the effortpost

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i've been using brave. its a pretty good browser

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Protonmail shoah'ed people use something different

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Good effort post though matie.

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I just opened a protonmail should I be using something else?