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i'm clearly not

2017-03-13 20:54:18 UTC  

@Lauritzvongh the link you can upload to a podcast client that auto-downloads the episodes

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2017-03-13 20:55:01 UTC  

I can't stream from the TRS website a lot of the time so I have to DL when on WIFI

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and I'm mad I can't take this eyeball 'tism test

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@Lauritzvongh apologize

2017-03-13 20:56:07 UTC  

@everyone yall dont need me to start up the voice channoo, git in dat shiet

2017-03-13 20:56:12 UTC  

you told me that central europeans should check their 23nmes for a surprise

2017-03-13 20:56:16 UTC  

you owe me an apology

2017-03-13 20:56:27 UTC  

jewish blood burns on contact with Polish purity

2017-03-13 20:56:44 UTC  

>doesnt even speak polish

2017-03-13 20:56:49 UTC  

I apologize, clearly I didn't mean Polish people who are based

2017-03-13 20:56:51 UTC  

If you're not trolling on Steve kings wall

2017-03-13 20:56:54 UTC  

@Lauritzvongh I'm not exactly sure how soundcloud works, but here's an example of a zencast link

2017-03-13 20:56:56 UTC  

I don't even know fam

2017-03-13 20:57:06 UTC  

trying to dig it up for you Yuge, not much luck atm

2017-03-13 20:57:14 UTC  

no worries

2017-03-13 20:57:32 UTC  

If you do find it, just throw it in your show notes. A lot of people will be thankful

2017-03-13 20:57:33 UTC  

why not download the soundcloud app and listen through that?

2017-03-13 20:57:38 UTC  
2017-03-13 20:57:40 UTC  

because it streams, does it not?

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2017-03-13 20:57:56 UTC  

thanks @badtanman did not know about that site

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2017-03-13 20:58:26 UTC  

@Lauritzvongh I don't know of a way to DL episodes through the soundcloud app, but that doesn't mean there isn't a way

2017-03-13 20:58:39 UTC  

i just generally hit the download icon on the link

2017-03-13 20:58:46 UTC  

shit wait no screencaps

2017-03-13 20:59:00 UTC  

things may have changed, i stopped using the soundcloud app months ago

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2017-03-13 20:59:16 UTC  

well you need to pay for soundcloud to allow more than 100 dls

2017-03-13 20:59:27 UTC  

possibly youre not seeing the dl icon cause the limit has been exceeded on the show you tune into

2017-03-13 20:59:30 UTC  

@Convo context matters i think, someone was sharing stuff from here to other servers and thats why the rule is there

2017-03-13 20:59:36 UTC  

oh that's probably why then

2017-03-13 20:59:50 UTC  

it was at least inconsistent and I didn't know why

2017-03-13 20:59:52 UTC  

i forked over some shekels though