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Smoking Hot Jewish Whores

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the oven is quite hotyes

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We Waz Nazzzis

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Looks aryan enough to me

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Doxxing urself

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look at that dank black jew in a white power shirt. fucking based

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@Diversity Nation mischling rules applied

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1930s NS was what is was becasue it faced the SOVIET FUCKING UNION

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It would have been much more moderate once that threat was gone.

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you need the Golden 'SS' class to prevent drift

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They to be in a posiion to at least foce the mainstream to veer right

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I pray that is true

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9am GMT update: The final poll of polls shows that the VVD is leading the way at 17% support, just ahead of the PVV at 44% and CDA at 13%.

The electorate is deeply divided with six political parties polling 10% or more support on the day of the knife-edge election.

The poll showed that the VVD will get between 24 to 28 seats but the PVV will only get between 19 and 23 seats in the election.

No party will get anywhere close to the 76 seats needed for a majority government. Prepare for long drawn-out coalition talks.

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Polls now open until 9pm

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France did infact invade Germany breifly. There was alost a year of phony war first

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@D'Marcus Liebowitz too damn good to hang with the plebs huh, damn kangz think they superior

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I told a Russkie about the Studabaker trucks keeping their logistic alive, he refused to beleie it.

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The US could have been neagtes by playing onits isolationism, irrespective of it power.

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Best case, Japan and Germany focus on USSR with logistic support from USA and British Empire.

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I know this would Take a LOT of thing to be played VERY differenat

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Let alone the Japanese Chineese capaign

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Simon Häyha

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guess which is simo and which is william

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Soap I think you may be talking about the French ASM Exocet. This was the thing that scared us

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In the years after the Falklands War, it was revealed that the British government and the Secret Intelligence Service had been extremely concerned at the time by the perceived inadequacy of the Royal Navy's anti-missile defences against the Exocet and its potential to tip the naval war decisively in favour of the Argentine forces. A scenario was envisioned in which one or both of the force's two aircraft carriers (Invincible and Hermes) were destroyed or incapacitated by Exocet attacks, which would make recapturing the Falklands much more difficult.

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Actions were taken to contain the Exocet threat. A major intelligence operation was also initiated to prevent the Argentine Navy from acquiring more of the weapons on the international market.[17] The operation included British intelligence agents claiming to be arms dealers able to supply large numbers of Exocets to Argentina, who diverted Argentina from pursuing sources which could genuinely supply a few missiles. France denied deliveries of Exocet AM39s purchased by Peru to avoid the possibility of Peru giving them to Argentina, because they knew that payment would be made with a credit card from the Central Bank of Peru. British intelligence had detected the guarantee was a deposit of two hundred million dollars from the Andean Lima Bank, an owned subsidiary of the Banco Ambrosiano.[18][19]

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That may have of been it, like I said my memory is a bit vague on details

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I know we asked the French for info, and eventualoy got. Its likely we also approached indivicudals wokring ion the program.