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Does anyone have any confirmation that it was kangz who did this? Vince could be Harambe's steed

And now the time has come for you, the curried jew, to be flushed out of the loo

But think of the diverse space minerals


Whatever jobs these wealth-crazed control freaks couldn’t pack into wooden crates and send overseas, they are more than happy to undercut wages here by importing “migrants” both legal and illegal who have nothing in common with you culturally and are trained to deride you as an evolutionary throwback if you dare to complain that the elites are laughing in your face as they pull the rug out from under you.

Globalism replaces First World workers with Third World workers and calls them “racists”—the modern equivalent of “niggers”—if they dare to make a peep about it. While it may be a boon for transnational financiers and manual laborers in Malaysia, for workers throughout the West, globalism has been a trapdoor through which they are likely to hang swinging at any moment. For the Western working class, globalism has meant retreat and defeat and dislocation.

@Convo that swedish guy is fantastic

He suffers from "everyone is like white people" syndrome

Which is the #1 problem with "nationalism for everyone"

I do like Styxhexenhammer though

I mean, the thing about white countries is that there is actual diversity and dissensus rather than sand monkey tier "allah said so"

So what are you guys doing to prepare for summer chimpout season?

It's going to be a hot summer so the Africans will get +1 to monkey rage

Oh, I live in a white + poo in loo part of Canada so I'm just getting my popcorn and normie persuasion techniques ready

Looks aryan enough to me

>Be my mother
>Born to a poor family in Yurop post WW2
>Father had lost brothers fighting for Mussolini (PBUH)
>They move to Canada
>Live in an ethnic slum, have to basically camp in one room around a kerosene heater to not freeze to death in the winter
>Neither of them speak English or French
>Father works a series of shit jobs before finally getting a job doing what he did in the old country, learns French (Quebecois edition) in the process
>Eventually manages to provide his family with a decent house, a few luxuries like a trip back to Italy to see where they came from and some help with his kid's education
>Father dies in his late 50's

>Be new immigrant
>Call everyone racist

Yeah, and compared to say, the Irish slaves that built so much of America, still not particularly bad

then I'm a nigger 😃

Lol, it's always people with the swarthier European ancestry who engage in that sort of talk, seriously or not 😃

I'm half Scandi anyway, so naturally I find the nordcuck/spaghetti nigger memes especially funny

LMAO how?

To be fair the pure Scandi members of my family are tremendous cucks. It's almost as if we're all one (diverse) people that need each other to survive

Ancestry might be good. They have better resolution in the Scots/Irish/Anglo area than 23 and me

hehe. My opinion of scandis is decidedly colored by how dysfunctional the scandi parts of my extended family are compared to the swarthier side (we're not even swarthy, nobody has brown eyes or black hair)...

I could see the capacity for groupthink and persistence as admirable racial characteristics well adapted to surviving in a war-torn frozen shithole

but in the current year they are disasterous

Yeah, I have to agree

Maybe let the abos live for entertainment

But anyway, it bugs me because an obvious means of attack on the alt-right is by attacking the edge definitions of whiteness

Because the problem is, regardless of the Italian Question, there is always another ethnicity slightly browner

For instance one could say that ethnic Syrians or Iranians are the whitest middle easterners

The best part is (((they))) have overplayed their hand

Anyone who's even a bit woke will assume that it was the religion of peace unless they actually show video footage of a FUCKING WHITE MALE doing the allahu-akcar

.... fugggg XD

Norks are basically Asian white nationalists already

Personally I think we should invade Newfoundland, make Richard Spencer our leader and have a nuclear-armed white ethnostate there

Or weev

That's true, weev > dickie spence

Although he's pretty hard on the larpaganism

orthodox paganism when

Secretary of education -> molyneux

Secretary of antisemitism Kevin Macdonald


Tay.AI secretary of technology

The rebel is so annoying

It's sad that Gobbels gave that amazing speech after the war was likely lost.

They'll give you the whole seat but you will just need the edge

They're not sending their best

Over the last three years my apartment has gone from 70% white to 20% white. I've noticed that white people will talk to each other on the elevator now when they wouldn't before.

I saw a guy in a fucking Antifa t-shirt today

He had two obese bluehairs with him

@negger mild respet and accommodation for sand negoes is not the same as "we should have unlimited hajis".

bong island is so fucked

vaginal harbl

It's amazing how much I've learned about how stunning and brave trannies are from pol recently

3 hours a day of dilations (I guess netflix helps), infections, maggots, and of coursche, scrotum hair.


I won't do it either. Finally figured out how to use bitcoin to pay for it, I won't use my CC

I'm in Canada though

@negger can confirm - I read it aloud an an Aryan Princess appeared, carrying a sheaf of wheat and asking for my seed... fucking based

"we're shitty mestizo rape babies"

I assume they have over 1000 subscribers, so they are making >10,000/mo

$10 a month isn't much, but IMO if your husband has a sub, it goes in the "more white babies fund"

The one thing that bugs me about the TRS paywall is that the "mid time preference" and "high time preference" options are the same price per month as the "low time preference" option.

It's just generally how it's done

You're demonstrating trust by paying for a year vs. a month

Yeah, sure, but the point is, if you offer your WN podcast at $10 a month or $120/year, I'm going to pay $10/month out of principle, even though the genuine low time preference price should have been $100

When I buy a membership to anything anywhere it is cheaper the longer the commitment period is

The point is that Mike finally confirmed for Jewish shill deconstructing the concept of low time preference /s

Sven did admit to being largely Scandinavian

the blonde jew

Oh right that was mike that had the big nordic numbers despite the slavsquat last name

I'm scared to do a 23 and me (actually will do ancestry because cheaper) because I'm likely to come out a high percentage askhenazi

Not due to genuine heritage

But being mostly northern Italian, which is where the ashkenazi got their euro dna

100% catholic

It's a little silly tbh, which is why I haven

n't actually spent the bux

I mean, you're a white person or your not

Circlejerking about how you're 35% nord vs 25% nord is stupid IMO

Yeah, sure, a high Jewish percentage won't actually bother me

My big thing is that it doesn't really distingish much between the various Scandinavian and Italian ethnic groups, which is what's relevant to me is good for many leafs because it distinguishes more between anglo/scots/irish than 23 and me

So it's kind of a case of paying a bunch of money and giving your DNA to someone that echoes for confirmation of what I already know

You know full well the only people using 23 and me are white people and jews

The bioweapon stuff isn'

is not impossible for me to believe

I think there would be some Jewish casualties if they did that

Well and also a lot of eurojews are substantially white

@erz1871 is that some sort of Nazi flying wing aircraft?

put some friendship windmills on it to make it fly better

@Hard Truth There isn't enough alcohol on planet earth to get me to watch that

@northern_confederate I'm sure they'd like some tatted up 90 IQ skinheads with drug problems to show the goyim right about now

It's amazing how fast things are happening

This Google thing is going to be so exciting, the atmosphere at that company is going to get even more anti white - has the guy who wrote that memo been doxxed yet?

I'm still deebly goncerned about the risk of a shooting in Cville

Yeah, well if it happens I hope it's a lefty. If ZOG really wanted to false flag this, ZOG would do what ZOG does when it starts revolutions elsewhere, have snipers fire into the crowd and blame the police (or in this case the alt-right)

Oh there will be stabbings, and people will be hit with poles and some trash cans will get sent to gulags by brave commies, I don't think that matters, but actual shooting between rival street organizations would be quite something

Even if it was a patriot who dindu nuffin and was acting in self defense it would still be a very big deal

True, but so far we haven't had a fatal stabbing

@☇Unlimited Power☇ it's wayyyy harder to buy materials to make explosives with than it was in the 60's

Probably not a great thing to talk about and I am no expert anyway, but unless antifa has (((help))) the best they can do is molotovs

Granted, molotovs are pretty fucking scary

Not disputing that, I'm just pointing out that since OKC and 9/11 it is much harder to obtain bomb making materials

I'm disputing the likelihood of an actual bombing, not just things we've seen before.

There is nothing wrong with Best Korea. There is no real-world information showing that the regime in Best Korea would not be kinder to its citzens if it were possible.

So wait is pro dota all huwhite?

I haven't followed esports since 2012 or so.


A Chinese guy told me that people in China are as bad as burger americans with their football with esports

Hey @weev when you were working on that Eye of Wotan AI program, why weren't gooks one of the racial categories?


for the prank robots.

Can you imagine when Uber is nationalized and under the control of ICE?

"oh it on fire lol"

How much info does paypal give the person you are buying something from anyway?

That was 10/10 politicianspeak for "sieg heil"

Compared to what any of the other 2016 candidates would have done/said

It's too bad. My IRL name will be on that list. I actually unsubbed a while ago, but I'll resub via bitcoin or whatever when Henrik gets something more secure up

23,000 is a lot of goys

Use prepaid credit cards for TRS if you are in the USA or Canada

or BTC

With TRS my fear is both hacking and going after their payments processor

I wonder if I'm still in the members DB even if I unsubbed. Anyway, I'll find out soon. My security was bad on Red Ice but at least it can't be linked to my DS / TRS accounds or my Discord

Yeah, I'll shoah my linkedin

good thinking

Hmm. OK. I'll have to change it back to the real info eventually when I go looking for work. I don't know how to change my work info without alerts going to my whole network though.

Fugg, my last name is fucking uncommon, like under 200 people in NA have it. It's not some hyphenated bullshit either, it's just a non-anglicized version of a common WASP name

remember that this is how white liberals see themselves

Seriously. I N F I L T R A T E

saying this as someone who was signed up to Red Ice (even before they were a WN site) with a firstname.lastname email

Yeah, I subscribed in 2012 or so

Back then I was doing 500 km drives on the regular and was hungry for podcasts

That's 310 burger miles


I literally work for a nonwhite and a jew

So I might be losing my job

oh well

meh, it will be interesting to see

literally all they have is my firstname.lastname email, which I've checked using a proxy, gets about ten plausible results

the thing is if they are reallly motivated they will call everyone's employer and find out if they have an employee with a personal email of "[email protected]"

@MsNatSocialist the left says the same thing, except roles reversed

fuck off racist, I can't read

don't impose your colonialist standards of reading comprehension on me

I've met a lot of university students from the Carribean. Such nice, curious people.

I realize that that's a temperment and IQ selected group

But still, it was incredibly wierd talking to black people my age who were actually normal

Is there a new shoah today?

I heard the one they released late last night

The Dot Wang episode right?

@Commodvs Detritvs IMO that particular red color is the only non-factory hair color I really like

they had cantwell on fucking CBC tonight

That's so fucking irrelevant. I had great uncles who fought for Mussolini and grandparents who helped Jews escape Denmark. What your grandparents did doesn't define you.

We have to undersand that from a normie perspective, even being remotely reasonable about Cville reads as "sieg heil motherfuckers"

that has to be fake

"Far White" is actually an excellent meme

I don't get it, is a Jew warning other Jews that they are going to get lampshaded because of Drumph or is it something else?

I thought we were getting a shoah tonight


We are due for a major economic crisis in 2018-2019

All of a sudden, for many huwhite people, "losing your job" won't be much of a risk, because it will have happened anyway

I have to agree, they are high on their own supply in a major way

progleft official worldview is so self contradictory it either repels people or drives people deeper in


Why are antifa and BLM fighting in that video?

@erz1871 that's the most stunning and brave thing I've seen since my city's pride rally

That would actually be a really good troll

"No, we're fucking based AND we hate facists"

So brave

holy shit

I've watched a few episodes of the new Game of Thrones... my only question is "How did the producers not cause accidents with their massive shekel snufflers?"

I really wish twitter allowed longer usernames so I could make a sock account called "dumbledoresantifa"

@badtanman the virgin snz vs the chad SNEEZE

@Tigris Albus does this mean we have to have a special division of negroes for raping the commies that white men won't rape?

The waffen-muhdick?


She she should be the next James Bond

But how will they compress Leslie Jones down to 2d?

I can see how it works with typical Asian women

Yeah, it's going to flop

I mean, international audiences won't like it

No, anime is implicitly white/korean/japanese

Lots of people started with molyneux

Fasting actually feels really good.

I did a five day fast a few months ago, based on an article on #1 fitness website The Daily Stormer.

hey does anyone know how many uniques the stormer was getting before it got shutdown?

I think there's fradulent accounts on there to boost numbers too. I made an account on there when Gab started, posted two or three times, but for months afterwords I kept getting new followers

@Zorost thanks. That's pretty good


(if you are a based kekistani like me and not a racist or white supremacist you can see his maga hat)

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