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too bad she can't get redpilled and slip arsenic in their food nsa no bully

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>focus on her career

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her existence now is to ruin white families and take their children away

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>career in government

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not good to have kids when you get close to 40

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I fucking HATE social workers, they are the fucking cancer killing the white family

2017-03-15 20:01:58 UTC  

The last one before that ended up already having a boyfriend, who was apparently a really nice single dad with three kids @Accipiter

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career = ride different dicks until you're old and alone

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Degenerate families that harm kids, fair do's... They shouldn't have had kids in the first place... But social workers seem to target normal white families with just a bit of bad luck.

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i've never had to deal with any ever

2017-03-15 20:03:09 UTC  

so i only hear tales of peoples' experiences

2017-03-15 20:03:43 UTC  

I have had some bad experiences with social workers in the past, but that is a tale for another day I think.

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That one would tell me she needed to "get right with God and stop living like this". I thought she meant she needed to stop letting me fuck her without any commitment. She actually meant she needed to stop cheating on her boyfriend.

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i should go make my cup of coffee, water is boiling

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sorry brother

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The social worker has a heart of gold, but her mind has been poisoned by the kikes, and she is the ultimate cuck

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ouch indeed...

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my last ex got knocked up by her boss at a job i got her

2017-03-15 20:05:18 UTC a bit grumpy

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Her instincts that would make her a great mother have been repurposed to make her a baby sitter for niggers

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Social workers tend to be the type of people who start out very caring, perhaps compensating for the fact they do not have kids of their own... Then they become soulless bastards only in it for money and the snarkey feeling of being able to ruin real families and take their kids away.

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Did cernovich fuck a trap??

2017-03-15 20:05:43 UTC  

Wtf is this shit

2017-03-15 20:05:49 UTC  

Cernovich might have

2017-03-15 20:05:50 UTC  

What the fuck am I reading

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Traps are gay though

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didnt he have an article about traps on his site once

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That's old news. Looking at it all in context, I don't think he actually did. But it's pretty funny

2017-03-15 20:06:33 UTC  

cernovich is a schizo i think

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comfiest songs