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And his little Jew to

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We were the ones that memed him into power, we can meme his downfall too.

2017-04-09 07:48:05 UTC  

If that's how he wants to play it.

2017-04-09 07:48:12 UTC  

Bannon is still there....he's sees what we are doing.

2017-04-09 07:48:50 UTC  

He's certainly /ourguy/

2017-04-09 07:54:46 UTC  

Anyone find it funny how twitter has stopped mass bannings?

2017-04-09 08:09:53 UTC  

Kek smiles on his children

2017-04-09 08:11:28 UTC  

We read the prophecy wrong it was talking about Trump.
"Go to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘Thus says the Lord: “Let My people go, that they may serve Me. But if you refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all your territory with frogs. So the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly, which shall go up and come into your house, into your bedroom, on your bed, into the houses of your servants, on your people, into your ovens, and into your kneading bowls. And the frogs shall come up on you, on your people, and on all your servants."

2017-04-09 08:11:47 UTC  

Unleash the memes

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Kek is a chaos God. What did we expect

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I'm officially a Jeb!head

2017-04-09 08:28:32 UTC  

The bombing of syria was symbolic. It was an airbase that had evacuated due to Trump warning them 1st. Get past the symbolism and look to what Trump does with this. In 1 fell swoop he has got the jew-media praising him and China kissing his ass on TV.

And I'm pretty sure he has a deeper motive we haven't seen yet. Grab hold of the white pill, oy ye of little faith!

2017-04-09 08:29:47 UTC  

the eternal chinaman is more dangerous than islam

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@Zorost this is a blackpill only thread, lube up that ass and jam it full of blackpills.

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@Zorost I'm glad someone else has some sense

2017-04-09 08:50:21 UTC  

@YUGE we arent allowed to have sense only paranoid delusions that the world won't be here next week because of a hot war with Russia that although avoided during the cold war albeit all the proxy wars, will start in a few days times due to a middle eastern proxy war.

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Lol 👌🏻

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You guys aren't making nihilism fun anymore

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Make Nihilism Neitszchian Again

2017-04-09 08:59:52 UTC  

Bob Whitaker who was a senior writer for the Regan administration does not believe that Trump has been flipped, contrary to what Cernovich says.

2017-04-09 09:05:56 UTC  

Cernovith is full of shit

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No surprise there @FylnnGardian

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Real news?

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Bitch lives with in root distance from my house i doubt she would know

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something about cucksheds incoming

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Until the crackdown becomes necessary.

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