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2018-02-16 08:29:52 UTC  

there is none

2018-02-16 08:29:58 UTC  

Above.. I see an audio function but not known.

2018-02-16 08:30:06 UTC  

theres a voice channel below, only 1 person in it

2018-02-16 08:30:12 UTC  

Jess click my icon and you will see audio.

2018-02-16 08:30:26 UTC  

I don't know how to work it.

2018-02-16 08:30:32 UTC  

its been a while since i have been on discord

2018-02-16 08:30:33 UTC  

So far this is irc...

2018-02-16 08:31:23 UTC  

are u on discord app, or on web browser? if on browser, switch to the app and connect to this server addy. make sure u have mic installed and plugged in before running discord or it won't fine the mic

2018-02-16 08:31:25 UTC  

Irc is just bots from the NSA..

2018-02-16 08:31:52 UTC  

irc - inter relay chat

2018-02-16 08:32:28 UTC  

Been there done that.. /join #roomname etc.. lol

2018-02-16 08:35:22 UTC  

u know u've been on irc too long when u hang around ppl that wear spandex and think they're power rangers and live in rural texas and u still want to keep them as friends even tho ur not into spandex nor power rangers.

2018-02-16 08:35:41 UTC  


2018-02-16 08:36:16 UTC  

Stop making fun of me!

2018-02-16 08:36:24 UTC  


2018-02-16 08:36:25 UTC  

nope just ancient and cant wear jeans anymore pfft

2018-02-16 08:36:28 UTC  


2018-02-16 08:37:01 UTC  

never too old for jeans never I tell you never

2018-02-16 08:37:08 UTC  

miss my denim

2018-02-16 08:37:20 UTC  

just get bigger size

2018-02-16 08:37:28 UTC  


2018-02-16 08:37:30 UTC  

ok refusing to wear fat clothes

2018-02-16 08:37:33 UTC  

If your not using Linux you are Crazy..

2018-02-16 08:37:38 UTC  

i wear size 40, even tho my waist is size 39

2018-02-16 08:38:01 UTC  

there is about 30 on line atm.

2018-02-16 08:38:10 UTC  

i use linux when i want to torment my bros, currently on win 10 here

2018-02-16 08:38:12 UTC  

ohh ok sory for biching

2018-02-16 08:38:46 UTC  

Linux is just more secure but all computers are totally open right now.

2018-02-16 08:39:33 UTC  

my issue of self acceptance

2018-02-16 08:40:02 UTC  

how do you change your picture on discord?

2018-02-16 08:40:19 UTC  

true story - i have a neighbor whos ...lets see both mechanically and technically declined. one day she asked me to fix her windows 95 pc, to make it run fast in 2006, i told her to take it to her car, strap it to the roof, go 120 on the freeway and then it will be faster.

2018-02-16 08:40:42 UTC  

when she came back, told her to go buy a new pc

2018-02-16 08:41:41 UTC  

cosmic, in ur settings

2018-02-16 08:44:11 UTC  

got it

2018-02-16 08:44:47 UTC  

so q anon is real?

2018-02-16 08:45:07 UTC  

Sirwoof what is torment bros

2018-02-16 08:45:08 UTC  

not all women are that wqay wold

2018-02-16 08:45:15 UTC  


2018-02-16 08:45:46 UTC  

actually, my dog just didn't want to give it back that day.

2018-02-16 08:45:51 UTC  

Abovecomic Q is a board for those who use it.

2018-02-16 08:46:10 UTC  

pat, what do u mean