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what is happenig here no sound on yutube

no sound here either

me too so I can actually see the Q posts

The thing is we are all in this together stop sniping

very unhappy atm

yep there are many black and white the thing is there are also shade between

might be bad might be good mostly good unti provoked perhps

vacines......I earned about them from my kid

they killed JFK's son because he to was goin to reverl the truth of his dads death

JFK and Boby and ranted on that onewith the drewl on the corner of his mouth caling him out as a disgrace to his family

wanna bet souther partriot when the moon is in the seventh house

songs are not just songs

we are speaking to us now go out my children AND SPREAD THE WORD

no millenials feel hopeless

not all some perhapsnot all sir wolf

I refuse to paint everyone with the same coat of paint

thats your perspetive I did not do either of those

my kids are awake

shame on you sir wolf for painting a generation with the brush of indinance

the same as they have done beore sir wolf

oh well young one

sorry for your ubringing

want balls I got girl ones

welcome to being ancient siwolf

you know how so do it

shit I was 56when I became a medic

listen to the song

one by one we will raise hell

I think I may have one but not sure its been many years

free is just aother word for nothing legt to loose nothin aint worh noting but its free

Ill find the song

fredom isnt free

it takes us all to be awre

semms we are there

seems sory bad typos

we are lerning from old to new

wecome we will also be monorting you

same here Patrick

lmao wolf good onr

agreed, funny I find it in old songs though

yes ofa course I am old and in Canada what safer place these days than Canada?

be careful of Berlin

I worried about my daughytrs hoeymoon she got home safe

sorry sirwolf W the people were never asked.

yes the libtards are up here to

I am going tonfightforthegret white north

I will fight to joi the US

well fire all cannons is me

I would like to follow the chans but...

but he has ben so right not an investment for me it is qualification.

things you need to know

perhaps but the thing i it make you aware o your quesions

its collective thinking patterns

not sure its a knowing

yes so what am I thinking


there is a diference.. timed i know vs times I know

I was freake just got up in the morning truned on the TV and BOOM

now I have learned it is all a lie. read the Q post about slaves put youself into that position. we are all slaves.. thinkaoutit

Im not depressed Angry I am

I am genertion old fucker

the US is governedby wqashington whi8ch is not even part of the usof a it is also a coporate entity

try meditqation for migrains

I saaw the JFK peec yep Im that old

my grand parents who raised me were devistated. then they played videos of his murder.

on the news netwotrk for aety long time was little then.

me the grand mom

you did it sirwof

we knwo abou flowers and deflowering sorry Pat

very well could be

nope just ancient and cant wear jeans anymore pfft

ok refusing to wear fat clothes

ohh ok sory for biching

my issue of self acceptance

not all women are that wqay wold

need a toilet replaced, a faucet replaced,, a new light fixtue perhaps a garden shed built? how about a beautiful garden ? done it all kiddo

plus I paint and play guitar a little

this in reference to women that Sirwolf was disrepecting

I dont know how to do what anyone tells meto do

for the most part forklift operator and things associated then medic

Hey rarely on here

goforit Im one tough cookie

umm hum go for it

would not be my first coice but have fun

not that I travel

nice typos I am well versed at

I have no idea what that is but congrats

oh well work on it

starving artist

hope you geet the work for me its just fun

lol so true it messes with my medition

@Anove cosmic im aorry

Sleep well ,sweet dream to evryone that is signing off

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