Message from Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe in Anticom #general

2017-03-21 23:37:01 UTC  

I'm sorry but did you mean the T-90?

2017-03-21 23:38:09 UTC  

Sure, point is the same; the gap in tech is staggering.

2017-03-21 23:57:42 UTC  

faster than 20mph the abrams can't hit shit

2017-03-21 23:58:00 UTC  

It's not.

2017-03-21 23:58:10 UTC  

Weekdays are always quiet.

2017-03-21 23:58:12 UTC  

Doctribe remains to take still shots

2017-03-21 23:58:37 UTC  

Bamn is gonna be in lansing

2017-03-21 23:59:00 UTC  

Wait till the next big Antifa thing happens

2017-03-21 23:59:31 UTC  

He is.

2017-03-22 00:00:04 UTC  

Fucking norcars

2017-03-22 00:01:39 UTC  

Also we used to make pol threads on weekdays, which boosted activity a good bit.

2017-03-22 00:02:05 UTC  

In the meantime, we have jobs and education to take care of. We're not antifa neets who spend all day online lol.

2017-03-22 00:03:06 UTC  

>he doesnt spend all day on a computer even with a job

2017-03-22 00:03:08 UTC  

low jej

2017-03-22 00:03:32 UTC  

Quiet, Nord, not all of us are living the dream.

2017-03-22 00:04:05 UTC  

is it a dream or a nightmare in disguise

2017-03-22 00:04:34 UTC  

I would think nightmare.

2017-03-22 00:04:46 UTC  


2017-03-22 00:04:52 UTC  

Even if I'm on vacation for too long, I start to get depressed and mopey.

2017-03-22 00:04:57 UTC  

I need shit to work on.

2017-03-22 00:05:06 UTC  

its high level shitposters who get shit done around here

2017-03-22 00:05:32 UTC  

not that, but yeah, it's that my work AND hobbies are PC, and my smalltime jerb has a lot of downtime
and fuck man I wanna go on hikes

2017-03-22 00:05:41 UTC  

> we aren't all LARPers

2017-03-22 00:13:35 UTC  

@Verm How are people feeling over there about the PVV gaining some seats?

2017-03-22 00:14:32 UTC  

>Those -29 seats for the PvdA

2017-03-22 00:14:34 UTC  


2017-03-22 00:21:11 UTC  

>PVV gains seats
>ruling center-right party loses seats and is forces to lean more to the right in the coalition

2017-03-22 00:21:13 UTC  


2017-03-22 00:21:19 UTC  


2017-03-22 00:23:50 UTC  

I WISH I had nothing to do.

2017-03-22 00:25:28 UTC  

Oy vey, you should probably just open up your borders anyway goys. They're just going to be doing the jobs whites won't do. Who cares if they're out breeding your people by 3x. We need to beige the world and such. Don't be a bigot.

2017-03-22 00:26:02 UTC  

this is why I want to join ICE

2017-03-22 00:26:16 UTC  

if I try hard enough I can be the most effcient deporter in the agency

2017-03-22 00:26:22 UTC  

By the way, we're also going to be automating all of those jobs and now we'll need you to pay more taxes for Universal Welfare systems for those immigrants

2017-03-22 00:27:03 UTC  

there was like a month on pol where people shilled UBI

2017-03-22 00:27:24 UTC  

anyone who believes in post scarcity is a retard, UBI supporters are crypto communists and ancoms

2017-03-22 00:28:17 UTC  

Pepe you online?

2017-03-22 00:28:34 UTC  

i need to give you the basic gestalt

2017-03-22 00:28:48 UTC  

a quick

2017-03-22 00:28:53 UTC