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Is this the flight school? Ill pilot the heli.

If you cannot overpower your enemies destroy them from within.

Stick man is the hero we need

Im not, i just really hate commies

My coordinates are (4,6) on that

How does one get vetted?

Sounds pretty ez

Im calling the fucking gestapo

Thank you based stick man

Stick man is my idol

But some ply wood and make one


So are rifles


No, sticks

Rebar is the highest form of stick

Metal stick

Cant break

Are there any benefits?

Thanks based stickman

Roman tactics, @I Have Ascended

Tbh we should take swords to protests and use them for """""self defence"""""

Shields are easy to make, just buy a sheet of plywood and cut to shape, paint whatever on it

Yeah, buckelers ate bad for riots


Deus vult are bad, usually. be sure helms have good padding

Best weapon should be your shield

Shields are great for bashing

Gains arent worth it if youre a degenerate.

Tbh i like the look of circular shields, i may make one with a ~1 meter diameter

>Not using a sling

And the helmet and shield

Good for fending off antifa cancer



You mean steel?

Why not just use rebar?


Also flag poles can have ornaments on the end! great place to put pointy shit!

Cultiral Marxism Appropriation

Useful things incoming

The ziptie one is for when you get arrested after sticking one of them


They are the weak

Weak who want the strong to care for them

They keep misusing their nono words and making them who cares words

>Literally calexit for the right


Kick his ass

Thats why they look so sick


Theyre cowards

Like i lovw brawling, man. Nothing like a good fight. But commies just run away

Sounds like a great time

Brass ones are best

In the nose is good, makes eyes water, thus blinding your opponent


Thats what commies deserve


We can unify the united states and lead these states to be a white ethno state

Small countyries have allies

Most are tactical nightmares

Invade Switzerland and live off Nazi Gold

Or make 4th reich


We will need the people to support us

We must begin an anti government propaganda campaign on the swiss

Once we gain enough power we will become the govt


We will be

Some people like nazis

Anne Frankly im offended

Belgum has allies

Strong allies

Small pacific islands are ideal, but marine warfare is a pain

Jaden pls go

Fair, but islands can be hard to take, as rather than rolling up with a FOB you must land and take shit

Blitzkrieg is best

Most islanders would be off guard, and likely easily falls victim to a sudden attack


No point.

We would be surrounded by niggers

Not so much large, as much as landable


Use marksmen to take out military and political leaders, lowering general morale and destablizing the target country/island

Fuckig guerilla warfare is OP reeee

>hunting rifles

STEN army



Oh my god

Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia again

By securing public favor

>and then the rest of the world



How will we discretely dispose of natives?


Well duh, ofc genocide

Be specific

It cant be visible by spy glass of satelite

Put birthcontrol in the water, give bottled water to whites

Thats why you dont tell them

Hang wrongdoers

Too agressive, blues

Remove non english speakers

Regression to the mean, @asdfgasdfgasdfaoklk

Because of the dune coons


Top 10 anime battles

I wish i copuld tell what these poles are saying

Fucking why

Motorcycle/motocross gear is basically civilian riot gear

At the cost of being made for lighter strikes

>wanting senpai to notice you this badly

See you in jail nigga

Just use a bokken or something

Yeah. Martyrs are a bad

We remain peaceful untill the enemy becomes the agressor. That way, in the bublic eye, we remain innocent


We will take Tuvalu

Bad things.

Im you, but stronger


I agree. Baggy clothing is easier to grab


>mfw i see commies

Russian STSh-81 helmets are ideal

Well, almost. they could use some plexiglass

Or really anything to keep pepperspray out

K6-3 is toppest

Now youve crossed the line

Tod fÜr den Kommunist

Do praytell where the fundss will come from

We dont have or need a soros

We can give the RWSS a subdivision, yes?

We all do

Do I smell a heritic?



Is that thing real?

He should be put out of his miserable existence.

Praise Kek

6.5 Creedmoor a best

>10 meme

It is a fairly meme round

>thinking le stoppingpower exists for anything but rifle rounds

.380 is fun, but not very deadly

Unless ofc, you hit central nervous system


But good luck holding your hands steady while a kang rushes u with a knife

>self defence

Seems legit

>Not carrying a luger

>Not using an A-10 to strafe Ghettos

Choose one


The commies arent that big a problem

We will need guns when they have them

Though, RWDS would remove commie fastest

We really need MinuteMen type of riot responce teams

Commies we didnt expect? Stick men on site in 30 Minutes or less.

Nah, probably an assauly/battery charge

Yeah that seems a good idea

The batting helms

We all tape flags to our staffs to remember stick man

Helmet, goggles, and half-mask respirators


@BannonCannon too blunt

Flags on the shield

American ones

Everybody loves a patriot

Luckily we all had our bats!

They *wouldn't*

Literally of an endangered species too

But Muh climate change

No you fool

We dont wear unifoems casually

Dont fucking yellow star yourselvs

We wear uniforms at events

But dont just get some anticom garb to wear just for shits and giggles. Its painting a target on your back


Level III as in AR500?

Shit would weigh like 200 lbs

Youd need to get fucking ripped to fight in that

We do, i have forgotten though

Medics know better than any why carrying guns is important

We all know

>The CIA finally gave the order to start making bad batches

>Civilian arrest those committing violence

Someone call the RWSS

Just bring shields. If someone commits violence, force them down. a good bash with the flat of a shield will send most peiople to the ground

Buy property, flip it


You also must know how to out jew the jew

As Trump does

Hey, thats not bad

We *should* aspire to be alt-knights

Be honorable in your battles.

Hey, do we all know hot to use sticks besides just a high, arcing swing?

Ready for launch, sir.

>The jew sabotaged our space mission

>could be


He's a big guy.

This is like the lowest tier redpill

Literally everyone knows


How much is his fund at? I'm sure he'll be able to get a fairly good defense lawyer.


Stick man is an American hero.

>thinking right wing rich people aren't trying to soros the soros just for the fun of it by now

Top lel

Dont need armor if nobody wants to be near you


Oy vey

Begin the PsyOp

Thats why we use meme capitalism

When one doesnt work, we get better ones


Oy, Mr.Goldstein, its getting hot in here...

You dont need soros if you are willing to help your fellow American


Buy a VISA giftcard

Buy a VISA giftcard. They come in plenty of increments. ranging from $25 to like $500

Best way to turn paper to plastic

I agree

It is very likely


Who here /SarahAnderson/

>not using 30-round assault clips

Its like you dont wanna kill babies?

>Not hand-loading

Its like you wanna get fucked if an ammo ban happens

Arch this, mutters the marksman, from 600m

>Using ranged weapons

Literally why?

Katana is the pinnicle of weaponry

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