Message from Mayor of Fashtown in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-05-31 04:27:45 UTC  

I'm not trying to blackpill here, and we've got to bring people to the light. We have to be the change we want to see in the world and people will follow us, we just have to play our hand carefully for now.

2017-05-31 04:31:25 UTC  

I hate to say it but things may need to get a lot worse before we see any big changes. As long as the common normie has their comfort zone, they will continue to rationalize the bs & pretend everything is ok.

2017-05-31 04:34:35 UTC  

Muslims will destroy Paris and Berlin. Amsterdam will be a slaughter as the muslims there have cohesive Turkish Sunni identity

2017-05-31 04:39:21 UTC  

Europe is reaching the point of no return for civil war. Once it gets to 20% in any country you'll see the political landscape in EU change drastically as the state devolves into military policing and white politicians cucking for muslim votes against the direct interests of their society. Turkey will gain even more political power over the west than it has now, and it already has a large voting block sown across western Europe.

2017-05-31 04:41:22 UTC  

If military action doesnt happen on a national level directly against sunnis they could very well get autonomy within Europe as it crumbles and political compromises are made in the face of unorganized and organized violence. That is the most likely scenario

2017-05-31 04:41:39 UTC  


2017-05-31 04:42:11 UTC  

he needs to build that wall

2017-05-31 04:42:21 UTC  

and deport

2017-05-31 04:42:26 UTC  

everything else is a distraction

2017-05-31 04:43:43 UTC  

I'm tired of seeing his antics. He needs to take action and rally people to anger at every individual who does not vote for implicitly white interests

2017-05-31 04:43:54 UTC  

every political individual*

2017-05-31 04:44:02 UTC  

Bershae dropping all kinds of blackpills tonight

2017-05-31 04:44:48 UTC  

Yea, there's a little red in those pills, but he was put in a position of power and action and is making no headway

2017-05-31 04:44:54 UTC  

Whoosh what did I walk into

2017-05-31 04:45:21 UTC  

Black pill central... Fuck, just had a black pill crash at work. Bad timing

2017-05-31 04:45:43 UTC  

@BershaeS we elected president trump and received president kushner

2017-05-31 04:46:24 UTC  

why so blackpilled? We're gaining traction day by day.

2017-05-31 04:46:55 UTC  

The left is looking more and more ridiculous

2017-05-31 04:47:44 UTC  

I actually feel pretty good. I've been smashing people in arguments all over the net.

2017-05-31 04:48:16 UTC  

Because europe is spiralling down into a crevasse at record pace. Every day hundreds more whites are raped and murdered by mudvaders and nothing is done to stop it. Our time is finite

2017-05-31 04:48:33 UTC  

Use that anger. Never rest.

2017-05-31 04:48:46 UTC  

Every person lost and monument destroyed is permanent

2017-05-31 04:49:06 UTC  

I use that anger every day. You have no idea

2017-05-31 04:49:26 UTC  

I know that anger myself. I feel it building in my people.

2017-05-31 04:49:47 UTC  

The longer Europe goes without physical removal is directly proportional to Turkey funding chaos within Europe

2017-05-31 04:50:02 UTC  

But dropping redpills online, or even irl, is only a fraction of the necessary measure

2017-05-31 04:50:28 UTC  

They will do to the muslim population in the Netherlands what Iran does with Hamas

2017-05-31 04:50:37 UTC  

And voting for more trumps and le pens won't stop anything

2017-05-31 04:50:46 UTC  


2017-05-31 04:51:34 UTC  

@queenarchitect i've never been accused of being literal in my life. Never. <:potatoemoji:317458389208793088>

2017-05-31 04:51:35 UTC  

As long as we are here, there is still hope. We must use our resources wisely and bide our time, acting when appropriate and never holding back. I can't explain it, but I feel that a spiritual energy is on our side.

2017-05-31 04:52:10 UTC  


2017-05-31 04:52:16 UTC  

what happened to trump

2017-05-31 04:52:36 UTC  

it's a typo, but the kvetching will be unceasing.

2017-05-31 04:52:41 UTC  

it is lol

2017-05-31 04:52:41 UTC  

Biding time works against you Gusphrase. Time is a very limited resource

2017-05-31 04:52:42 UTC  

somethin of an idea

2017-05-31 04:52:44 UTC  

The only way to save our civilization is for an adequate number of people to sack up and initiate physical removal. Its not about good v bad or right v wrong. This is 100% us v them. No apologies and no compromise.

2017-05-31 04:52:51 UTC  

but it's an hour old at this point