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@VOL that's crazy!

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Yeah I been digging into that shit

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Had tied one on watching the fight and was ready to goto fucking war with russia!!!

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Been digging all day

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sorry, no libtards allowed in the gates of heaven

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How backwards this world is right now. We should have been banging on Barry's office in the same manor.

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dying gasps of a system of control losing its capacity to influence

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have to take the long view for right now, or you'll get horrifically depressed

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Yeah, I've noticed myself reaching for some bourbon more often

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I just drink my typical amount of coffee

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God is in control of things, so what have I to gain by worrying?

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I've just read Pelosi's statement, this can backfire on them. But I guess if the Dems are telling "the people" Kavanaugh will take part in helping to do away with the constitution and put the President "above the law", no wonder the dem-demonstrators are going crazy, they are being lied to terribly.

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the interesting thing about the Pelosi statement: it's from 2017

2018-10-08 01:21:19 UTC  

their need to gloat is their downfall, as they are hoisted by their own petards

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Idk, the press release says, 10/6/18.

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oh, you were referring to something else

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I thought you meant her video about "smears"

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She is speaking in regards to the Kavanaugh FBI investigation

2018-10-08 01:24:04 UTC <-- what I thought you were referring to, June 22, 2017

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Oh I saw that too. She has that down pretty good!

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Congratulations @Daisy Rey, you're now level 3.

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Blond Finn posted the Press Release above quite a bit but I can probably find it too. She's trying to get a FOIA for the report.

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I was just thinking. If I was DS, I would be keeping a steady stream of adrenochrome going to RBG.

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"Their goal was to install a nominee on the highest court in the land who will put the President above the law, with no regard to the Constitution."

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Thanks @TaCktiX you've been here on discord for as long as I can remember. Keep it up.

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Congratulations @TaCktiX, you're now level 6.

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I'm not the most consistent contributor, but I try to be involved with the analysis