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2018-10-17 11:00:59 UTC  

but it is ok for him to call someone this....ugh. Anyway off to work xo

2018-10-17 11:37:29 UTC  

A great debriefing from Admiral Ace Lyons

2018-10-17 12:08:24 UTC

2018-10-17 12:20:49 UTC  

Isn’t that also the definition of bullying when they threaten that one user to stop posting about a restaurant or they’ll report them. 🕵️‍♂️

2018-10-17 12:24:04 UTC  

I'm unemployed, and looking to make some money. I will vote Democrat for the right price !
call me at (202-514-1412).

It is. They have an ignore/block feature for a reason

Don't like repeated tweets? Blame the wall algorithm, twitter has always been shit about that and getting seen is already difficult

2018-10-17 12:25:16 UTC  

Hey if your food and or service is shitty, silencing the critics doesn't make the quality better.

Nah I'm talking about the "y u repeat tweet imma report yu"

if the food sucks then call it out, lol

2018-10-17 12:27:19 UTC  

Just reported three of their tweets. Hate speech, harassment and threatening...

2018-10-17 12:29:17 UTC  

another anti trump celebtard

2018-10-17 12:29:41 UTC  

calling themselves out as a liar

2018-10-17 12:35:04 UTC  

Thinking about archiving all the krassenstein tweets, and each time Trump proves them wrong I'll just remind them.

2018-10-17 12:35:04 UTC  

Welcome to device block Doug. I have been here for a year. I use my wife’s twitter now. Sorry pal.

2018-10-17 12:36:22 UTC  

Meh, how much do burner phones cost nowadays?

2018-10-17 12:37:57 UTC

2018-10-17 12:38:15 UTC  

Real indian, vs fake native indian.

2018-10-17 12:40:10 UTC  

Thanks @S0NS0FLIBERTY USA . I am just going to do another acct and change my vpn. I'm sure they are doing it via IP. I'm wondering if they have other ways of knowing. They blocked my backup acct before I even had a chance to sign into it.

They could be doing browser fingerprinting

2018-10-17 13:15:16 UTC  

@Douglas Castle and @S0NS0FLIBERTY USA did they give you a reason for your bans or was it just out of the blue? What kind of posts and activity do you think caused it?

2018-10-17 13:16:47 UTC  

VPN might get around device block. I did not get a reason but I know why. I went on @jack and called him a Luciferian pedo.🤷🏼‍♂️ sounded like free speech to me at the time.😂

2018-10-17 13:17:54 UTC  

You made me spit my coffee laughing lol

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Omg. Surely 3% of them were being smart asses

2018-10-17 13:19:17 UTC  

My kids would say that

2018-10-17 13:20:16 UTC  

The lefties REALLY don’t like being called a mob lol


2018-10-17 13:21:46 UTC  

I’m excited about that Supreme Court case!! I hope they stick it to these banning, censoring bastards

2018-10-17 13:22:21 UTC  

Ditto! Brown 🐮?!?!🤭😭🤣

2018-10-17 13:22:40 UTC  

How now everyone?😂

2018-10-17 13:23:43 UTC  

We need an NPC emoji lol

2018-10-17 13:23:57 UTC  

I truly love the degree of mind control exposure. Wow! Chocolate cows of course make chocolate milk. Brown cows?😂

2018-10-17 13:28:56 UTC  

Something tells me Black Sun Gamma comms sound a lot like this.

2018-10-17 13:32:26 UTC  

Roseanne Barr Reacts to 'The Conners': 'I AIN'T DEAD, BITCHES!!!!'