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I didnt know you have a daughter

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do you have a wife?

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I'm mainly a chemist, but officially a biochemist, and shitload of biology and genetics work in my time

2017-06-13 01:54:01 UTC  

@Convo no, that was the first failed marriage to not be

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I hate really loopy subjective questions that are yes no bullshit type things on quizzes REEE missed 2

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were going to get married, life was well, raising our daughter together, she was redpilled and christian we went to church together, then suddenly out of nowhere she goes full sperg, admits to having fucked all these other dudes, proving it with fucking pics and videos, i went off the deep end. I kicked her ass out, and said i cant be with a fucking whore like that, but still was doing as much as i could for my daughter

2017-06-13 01:56:31 UTC  

TL;DR massive fighting, was demanding id never see my beautiful daughter if i wouldnt get back with her, then started telling me she was fucking other guys already and i got pissed as fuck and enlisted in AZ NG as an 11B

2017-06-13 01:56:52 UTC  

we were supposed to get rotated back into afghanistan but it didnt happen

2017-06-13 01:57:10 UTC  

after OSUT she already had married some other fucker and was pregnant again

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>proving it

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i cant even imagine your rage

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oosh had some trainwrecks but luckily was never married and it was easy to toss to curb

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biggest one I had was whole reason I went to school where I did, versus an ivy or a service academy like I had planned. Still a good school still not the same tho, that was an utter train wreck and I enlisted while in school to get some space and discipline

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it was ugly for a while....had to get a paternity test, battling, but we are cool now. they are redpilled and christian, she will scream at niggers and mexicans on the road and shit

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lol wut

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I really dont have interactions with exs but then again no kids either

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so in positive, even though i dont get to see my girl as much as i want to, she's growing up, she's smart, blue eyed, blond haired amazing girl, we get along and it pisses me off that she looks a little more like me i think haha, but she's being raised traditionally, no public school, music lessons, soccer, and shes into science, got her a chemistry set for her birthday so she can nerd out like her pops\

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her stepdad is a good dude honestly, he's christian, modest, white dude blue eyes race realist, i can deal with it....barely

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i want one

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it still fucking fucks with me hardcore to have offspring i am not raising on my own as a family

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i guess the moral of this story is talk to the girl for like a year about everything before getting married

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but ya, i drank hard in the NG from the shock of her getting married and did for several years

2017-06-13 02:03:38 UTC  

haha i was with her for 3 years

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Convo, dont give relationship advice.

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of all people shiettt

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@Convo my first serious gf, before that, on and off from 16-20, killed herself. that one hurt bad.

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im trying to learn from him, geez

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at 20 years old?

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@Convo i hate you so much for sharing this with me

2017-06-13 02:04:52 UTC  

we hadn't talked for a while and she wanted to reconnect with me, and i forgot kinda, and next thing i knew she was dead.

2017-06-13 02:05:21 UTC  

i blamed myself but it had to be other shit. she didnt wanna live, not my fault.

2017-06-13 02:06:00 UTC  

ok @Convo ill make my 3rd disaster as quick as i can, to let you know you can remain sane after all of this shit

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1 sec