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2017-06-14 23:53:25 UTC  

tldr pistol stopping power is a myth carry mags

2017-06-14 23:53:53 UTC  

also true

2017-06-14 23:53:57 UTC  

plus with a malfunction if its taking more than a quick slap rack bang, drop mag and put a new one in

2017-06-14 23:54:31 UTC  

carry Sig and don't have that problem :^)

2017-06-14 23:54:57 UTC  

also pistols can have a malfunction and in a situation with my life I am going to swap mags and keep moving

2017-06-14 23:55:07 UTC  

you are correct

2017-06-14 23:55:09 UTC  

also practice shooting/draw from surrender position, one handed reloads with both off and dominant hand

2017-06-14 23:55:16 UTC  

do you do anything to the triggers on your glocks?

2017-06-14 23:55:25 UTC  

to simulate being disabled in one arm

2017-06-14 23:55:27 UTC  

i used to love my glocks

2017-06-14 23:55:36 UTC  

I also have grip tape on top of slide to help with racking off pants

2017-06-14 23:55:37 UTC  

I've never owned one because i can't get over the trigger

2017-06-14 23:55:41 UTC  

i have turned to the FNS now

2017-06-14 23:55:45 UTC  

that BLM protest thing is rustling, would they EVER look through a niggers computer after shooting a white?

2017-06-14 23:55:54 UTC  

night combat sights are good to dig off belt

2017-06-14 23:56:02 UTC  

Sig is, or just recently was, getting bought by the Jew who buggered Kimber so get it in before the company goes to shit lol

2017-06-14 23:56:02 UTC  

use sights to rack off your belt

2017-06-14 23:56:21 UTC  

yup, night sights are real nice too

2017-06-14 23:56:31 UTC  

fwiw I only use night front sight

2017-06-14 23:56:32 UTC  

yeah i like my FNS9 that is easy to rack with belt, fully ambidextrous, and night sights

2017-06-14 23:56:44 UTC  

in tactical fluid situations I follow my front sight always

2017-06-14 23:56:49 UTC  

if a jew fucks up sig im gonna be pissed

2017-06-14 23:56:56 UTC  

i shot an FNS 9 the other day speaking of which

2017-06-14 23:57:09 UTC  

M4 to ghetto rig a night front sight you can break chem light on front post

2017-06-14 23:57:20 UTC  

haha thats a good idea

2017-06-14 23:57:26 UTC  

not entire thing, give a dab obviously

2017-06-14 23:57:35 UTC  

yea i get what you're saying

2017-06-14 23:57:40 UTC  

you can even use a q tip and run on side facing you so no forward light

2017-06-14 23:57:52 UTC  

have you done this?

2017-06-14 23:57:55 UTC  


2017-06-14 23:58:00 UTC  

is it sticky enough to stay on there?

2017-06-14 23:58:24 UTC  

works well enough, never used it extended period obviously running through shit and woods will wear it off

2017-06-14 23:58:54 UTC  

yea well as long as it doesn't run off as soon as you put it on, it can be useful

2017-06-14 23:58:59 UTC  

what I did on my ambushes at NTC, I would take chem lights, take MRE cardboard back, bend back to be a concave dish to me light facing my positions either colored of infrared chem lights to have the sector ranges lined off

2017-06-14 23:59:44 UTC  

so my machine guns knew where to shift to based on what I was doing, I would shoot parachute flares off mountain to signal distance changes

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2017-06-15 00:05:19 UTC

2017-06-15 00:05:36 UTC  

there's a website that has some degenerate shit that uses that quote very well

2017-06-15 00:05:42 UTC  

shooting near Barclays Center in NYC

2017-06-15 00:06:08 UTC  

its a black