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2018-12-07 19:40:30 UTC  

@Reaper with help of AI why not?

2018-12-07 19:41:28 UTC  

@CoffeeShopsHQ (Ardahan) cause in my mind if you cloned the perfect woman she would still become infected by society I feel like even with total control over genes our environment always effects us too

2018-12-07 19:44:38 UTC  

@ziyauren how long would they be locking you up for?

2018-12-07 19:46:38 UTC  

@Reaper no idea if they even will or why.... but i'll b findin our... i'm on virgin territory n don't even know if anyone ever fought it this way b4... jjjus know m not bbetrayin my son...

2018-12-07 19:47:35 UTC  

Man some of our laws a are a fucking joke

2018-12-07 19:47:49 UTC  

@Reaper if we could put AI in her brain would she follow what she’s programmed to do?

2018-12-07 19:48:05 UTC  

@ToastMcGhost where’d you go?😢

2018-12-07 19:48:13 UTC  

@CoffeeShopsHQ (Ardahan) oh ok so she would be like a cyborg

2018-12-07 19:48:28 UTC  

I'm eating a pop-tart

2018-12-07 19:48:32 UTC  
2018-12-07 19:50:20 UTC  

@CoffeeShopsHQ (Ardahan) a cyborg wifey could be perfect, lol

2018-12-07 19:50:32 UTC  

@Reaper omg perfect!! Like a cyborg

2018-12-07 19:50:43 UTC  

@ToastMcGhost eat well bro!!

2018-12-07 19:57:02 UTC  

looks likke m disconnected n voice but dont know why

2018-12-07 20:01:16 UTC  

It's empty

2018-12-07 20:09:17 UTC  

Discord had problems apparently

2018-12-07 20:22:04 UTC  

m back

2018-12-07 20:44:08 UTC  

PSA: discord servers are having problems rn. they are working on it.

2018-12-07 20:48:23 UTC  

lol... shut down on me twice... back now... anyone else?

2018-12-07 20:58:00 UTC  

Any topic?

2018-12-07 21:08:20 UTC  

who got smash?

2018-12-07 21:16:49 UTC  

ya all back now?

2018-12-07 21:37:13 UTC  

This is fucking insane.

2018-12-07 21:42:34 UTC  

@machtyn I've watched too

2018-12-07 21:43:01 UTC  

I really want to email this female lawyer and thank you for locking in my decision to never get married and link to DDJ's video, lol.

2018-12-07 21:43:03 UTC  

Fucking hell.

2018-12-07 21:44:20 UTC  

Put her name on the list of women that convinced you to never get married

2018-12-07 21:44:27 UTC  

Yeah, seriously.

2018-12-07 21:44:30 UTC  

Fuck sake.

2018-12-07 21:44:57 UTC  

"Why did men stop getting married!?" Do you want alphabetical or most fucked up?

2018-12-07 21:45:25 UTC  

Then wacht desperate women send her the letters

2018-12-07 22:21:32 UTC  

is misandry today DDJ from TFM?

2018-12-07 22:28:59 UTC  


2018-12-07 22:30:00 UTC  

Psa: discord still being thanos gloved. They are still working on the issue

2018-12-07 22:38:11 UTC  
2018-12-07 22:38:16 UTC  

What is happening to Discord?

2018-12-07 22:43:20 UTC  

Who are "they" ? The developers?

2018-12-07 22:48:27 UTC  


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