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wassup guys

making fun of muh name?

thats just muh name, bruh

its unique

like me :3

why tho

just sound it out


supah gatovian

instead of super saiyan

its supah gatovian



anyways guys is college worth it

wew lad

i feel like doing that trade school stuf


originally i was a computer science major, then changed it to finance

i dropped out of college for the semester to think about it

what other trades are there besides carpenter

see sometimes i feel like getting back into computer science but im kind of a brainlet


i think mechanic would suit me, desu 😄

whats HVAC? 😮

oh okay

hey guys how do i get permission to on the funny vids channel?

flat earth bruj


im a supah gatovian

anybody wanna check out muh yootoob chan?

its a play on words with saiyan

saiyan is a race

so gatovian is a race too

cats are awesome bruh

except they got creepy ass looking dicks



lol i got curious as to why cats make so much noise when they fug so i looked it up on google

oof would be great if i had a drivers license

also if i wasnt so anxious about driving

im like sponge bob

hmm ok

is accounting good for a mghow?

what does otr mean?

@Kazemaru im from the us

btc tho

wew lad

how do i get out of vc?


heck yeah

cat master race

are yall still on roblox lol


wassup guys

hows err'body doing


top kek

who got smash?

is misandry today DDJ from TFM?

whos watching the stream? 😮

yo how do I get permission to get into shitposting chan?

who me?


oof 2024

yo I lost my virginity to a craigslist chick lol

tbh i wish i was still a virgin

if you want to feel what a pussy feels like then make the OK sign and fuck it

lol bruh

yo who thinks trump is gonna win re-election?

ivanka reminds me of a crush i had back in high school

back to The_Donald you go

I kinda want to go to a trade school


im creating muh own business

anybody have their own business?


the leafs

lol my subscribers want me to make a discord chan

would take too much time to manage though...


I'm trying to erect a business



bruh ive only had one gf

that was back when I was in 7th grade and she was in 6th lol

and I lost my virginity to a craigslist chick

luckily i didn't get any stds

its funny though cuz my channel is about me being a cat


bruh not to brag but im almost to 6k subs

never had that much attention feels normal though

thanks fam

with gr8 power comes gr8 responsibility


i dropped out of college to create my own business

the prefrontal cortex

really gets the hamster running

really makes the pot boil

lol idk man

19 more days till new year!!!!!!!!!!!

art thou chinese?


mumkey will pull through though


so if i was born in 96 im a gen z?

yo im a zoomer

bruh wtf

so whats gen z again?

geeze dude dont do it @°°°

damn guys

just found out im a millenial

i thought I was a generation z


HHH's newest video almost made me relapse

sup guys hows life

damn guys

just fapped 11 times today

i feel dizzy

and light headed

I also feel tingly

@Happy Humble Hermit says the gay boi

@Xychotic my most was 13 times back in my teen years

yo for real, I gotta pick up the slack

no more fapping

no plz

can someone die from mastubating a lot?

yeah see no way imma keep on going

brb imma join NoFap

kek xD

so how do you guys feel about sydney mgtow getting eliminated?



huh okay

speaking about money

any of you guys follow MGTOW Money?

imma check it out

yeah, I originally went to college for computer science then changed majors, to become an accountant, but then saw how many females were already in accounting so in the end i dropped out of college

work and gonna start an ecom business but dont know what type

lol *fetty wap starts playing*

@DankChum i was going to community college

@LOGICWINS how do you like it? I've been debating to go back to school for that

but idk

lol imma be both a wage slave and an entrepreneur


how much do you make per year

@LOGICWINS how much do you make per year?


how bout in cali?

pupusas are the bomb too

cartel nation


yo, do you guys think we got any roasties here on discord?

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