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when cleaning i always like to set up a 5 min timer to see how much i can do in 5 mins. i find having a short timeframe makes me more productive

hold up hold up @Happy Humble Hermit are you trying to steal my waifu?

thats my favorite waifu pic. i shared it with you in confidence in tfms discord server. i am suing you for 50,0000 sheckles

i also accept meme points

2018-09-09 21:20:02 UTC [Hermit Hangout #questions❓]  

@machtyn im not hhh but i would get the apartment for sure. thats where your living and spending your time. a vehicle is always just a utility. and getting a reliable car is going to serve you much better than a luxury car. because you gotta consider gas costs, repair costs, etc. the hidden costs of a car can be much more than you bargin for. but for a nice place to live that provides you peace of mind and a space to decompress after a long day at work? i would say thats much more worth it than a nice car.

dis my second favorite waifu pic tho. at least i still have this one

2018-09-09 21:32:02 UTC [Hermit Hangout #questions❓]  

anytime fam

sounds good fam

this is from tfms chatroom Dolly Dearest: So the Swedish election is over now. It was a complete disaster. According to surveys, SD (The Sweden Democrats) was going to be the biggest party. They were not. Not by a long shot. They remained the 3rd biggest party, just like before. They got 13% in the last election - and only 17,6% this election. I was expecting 25% or more. The Socialist party will remain in power for at least 4 more years. This was our last chance to change our country for the better. We are now officially fucked.

press f to pay respects for sweden

"where have all the good men gone?"

2018-09-10 13:15:23 UTC [Hermit Hangout #questions❓]  

There is a voice chat here buts it's not very active. If you want to talk to other mgtow men I'd recommend trying tfms server. His voice chat is very active. There is often a group there.



@Master Menos yes yes.. let the waifus flow through you

We need to go further...

this is what they wanted

the most important thing. is always dat ass


She paid in thot dollars

I would call but I'm tired af. Next time.

Damm boi

So are you like a zombie sheep or what? @BrainDeadSheepp

Sounds cool fam

for anybody who wants to have a fox girl waifu and be awesome like me


Because im not in the call

sup fam

Japanese people are pedos basically

Thats the joke

Also im fucking loving thes sex doll comic memes

@Little_Bob_69 well see the problem with that is regardless of anything. Ive never really been attracted to children. Abd ive gone to the darkest pits of the internet.

@Happy Humble Hermit there is no end to the anime waifus.

they go on forever

I would argue that it was Always within those people and it just came up from the depths of their mind.

soo i inadvertently red pilled my brother last night

well. i was talking on tfms discord. he saw it and asked what it was. i just told him it was a channel where guys talked about stuff. he then asked to see a video since he vaguely recognized that tfm is a youtuber. so i showed him tfms guide to feminism video. we then watched and discussed several more videos. and at the end he said. this is a hard truth to swallow. but im glad i did.

didnt even try. just happened

he was probably secretly a redpill. he just either thought nobody else thought like him like i used to or he was only really unconciously aware of the problems

but hey. now he knows

whats happening fam?

sex dolls?

ok then.

imma get hailey and turn her into a fox girl. thats my plan

i have a fleshlight rn. but i want a sex doll. cause i do. if your good with that then all the more power to you fam

the way i see it. i dont want anymore than sex. women are vastly overpriced. and come with the risk of literal crotch rot that is very hard to treat. so ill get a sex doll. because its cheaper. and has no risks

just made this meme bois

i played it. meh. not for me

this ones better

yea i changed it cause pussy hat is better

i can just ask it in the show so no.

but hey

@Happy Humble Hermit just in case you didnt see in youtube talk to samson first he was first

welp. guess its just me on hold now

np man.

my ideas are still here no hurry

you know it

i just checked and undead chronic chronics channel got killed by youtube again. and hercules mgtow hasnt uploaded in like a month. so if hercules mgtow starts uploading again suddenly then i think its proven beyond any doubt

i think hermit is actually right to XDXD

@Happy Humble Hermit you gonna do another call in tonight?

i found a higher res version of my favorite waifu pic so im reposting it

@Happy Humble Hermit ....... turn it into a waifu reserve where all the waifus can roam free

we need to get nukes to defend our waifus from russia

and the eu

@N̴͕͆o ̷͙͑F̵͎̉ilǝ‾ its his kids. his kids are punching him

once you accept a job and work their. all your eggs will be in that basket. so yea they are all in one basket

@the adventures male ive been trying to figure out what im supposed to find in your picture of that couple on the stairs for like 20 mins. pls help

@the adventures male cmon fam dont be a dick. tell us what we are supposed to see in that picture you posted

is it a black guy hiding?

@Happy Humble Hermit yea but we get to watch his autism tho

its like a movie

or whatever

heres my newest shitpost meme. i reposted it cause i touched it up a bit

@ZODD yea sorry i just didnt feel the need to put your mid tier waifu on their with my s+ tier ahri

holy shit that thicc fox girl one tho

there we go.

@Little_Bob_69 i get all my memes from the abyss. some of them i make myself tho

damm thats a lot of waifu pics

seems legit bois

what a hoe


it just fell apart at the end

its still going on


@Andrew The Meme King what did you just do???

ah i see

wait a minute. ur cutting in line

thats not fair!

meh. ur the mod

whats the roundtable like @Andrew The Meme King


you know what maybe next time

im gonna go game

@Andrew The Meme King can i get an invite link for a cool dude? or is there a way to invite people

awesome thanks fam

this is definately not my fault

its tfm guys dont worry tho

naw they cool

well maybe not kuroi. get ready for lots of rem pics


and then people wanted the link so i got it

yea kuroi got in so get ready for rem memes

see when i bring a raid its just a bunch of cool guys

@Deleted User yea agreed. they are cool until they see a thot. then its all the sudden backstabs

@Andrew The Meme King sorry for spooking you tho i didnt think so many tfm guys wanted in


oh yea i found a nude version of my favorite sweater pic


I don't know which one.

But k


Id kinda have to. For work and stuff


My plan is to go for hailey and mod her.

@ZODD weird? Your the weird one

@MadShangi skewer? is that you fam?

@Andrew The Meme King *we need to go further*

**pics intensify**

also heres a third version of my favorite sweater pic

there. hope thats enough pics for hermit for now


@MadShangi you cant run. you cant hide. we will find you everytime skewer


ive seen that meme like 80 times

thats not a meme. thats just the truth

@Happy Humble Hermit ^ i think this is a good idea fam. ill pay you in ahri pics if you do it

damm he did it

well whats ur waifu?

@Andrew The Meme King wait from what show/game or whatever. there are multiple characters with that name statistics on child custody and child support. in case you thought the system was fair. pssh

@☩ Flemish Templar ☩ thats it i challenge you to a duel ⚔

@MadShangi sure thing skewer

not nearly as gay as you are for felix tho

@MadShangi wasnt that hard. your being hella gay. skewer is hella gay.

@MadShangi not as retarded as your obsession with with sitting on a computer all day to argue and disparage people cause your like a super beta 5'4 and have no friends

but its fun peeling potatos


fine fine

wait ur ganna ban me? I AM THE SENATE

if the guy whos trolling really is skewer you should just ban him. he does this for a living in tfms server

@machtyn quake champions is pretty great

and its free

im also looking forward to this game by a smaller dev squad its called world war three


that was a big reaction


Destiny 2 and interesting. yea those two words have never been in the same sphere of my head

damm it

why cant i spell

doom is sorta already a mgtow like game. maybe someone should just mod in succubus thots

the succubus could say things like #nawalt, RRREEEE, and muh pay gap

and bullshit marriage statistics

right anyway back to being a hentai producing slave

meh maybe to some extent. but the gameplay is always the most important thing to any game

yea d3 is like the best fucking game now

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