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yfw a jew thinks he can win a contest of strength

2017-07-28 00:40:01 UTC  

not sure how i feel about this, thanks breitbart

2017-07-28 00:43:01 UTC  

so basically trump hired torq

2017-07-28 00:43:04 UTC  

is that what youre telling me nanners

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profile pic kind of looking like if nanners was 20 years older and addicted to meth

2017-07-28 01:00:23 UTC  

nah she'll still like me in 20 years

2017-07-28 01:02:34 UTC  

Thats a parody scaramucci account LOL

2017-07-28 01:02:38 UTC  

@here ya nigguz should git up n voice

2017-07-28 01:02:39 UTC  

With 28k followers

2017-07-28 01:03:24 UTC  

implying i don't know it's a parody

2017-07-28 01:04:28 UTC  

Why does a parody have so many followers lolllll

2017-07-28 01:04:54 UTC  

probably used to be someone else but you can hit that if you're really good

2017-07-28 01:05:10 UTC  

Conservative Pundit / Hillary PR Team got over 50k

2017-07-28 01:05:41 UTC  

Yeah but that account was fukn gold

2017-07-28 01:05:56 UTC  

Great shitposting

2017-07-28 01:06:14 UTC  

Not just straight up impersonation

2017-07-28 01:06:39 UTC  

it's still gold

2017-07-28 01:10:09 UTC it's good being an internet nerd because i see shit like this and immediately know which article to send her in response

2017-07-28 01:24:10 UTC  

"Byrd's motion was approved 45-3 and arrest warrants were signed for all 46 Republicans. Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Henry K. Giugni and his staff searched the Capitol's corridor and Senate office buildings for absent Senators, and after checking several empty offices, spotted Senator Steve Symms of Idaho, who fled down a hallway and escaped arrest. After a cleaning woman gave a tip that Senator Robert Packwood of Oregon was in his office, Giugni opened the door with a skeleton key. Packwood attempted to shove the door closed, but Giugni and two assistants pushed it open. Packwood was "carried feet-first into the Senate chamber by three plainclothes officers" and sustained bruised knuckles."

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"why can't we just kill niggers"

2017-07-28 01:41:13 UTC  

dido and aeneas

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@D'Marcus Liebowitz You excited to do the Shoah tonight? Or you already do it?

2017-07-28 01:47:50 UTC  

@SwiFT we already recorded

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yeah dude sven has to be tucked in with his blankie by 9

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Real gen x hours.

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That night, Donaldson was lured into a cell by a prisoner who claimed that he and his friends wanted to 'discuss pacifism' with him in their cells. He was then anally and orally raped dozens of times by an estimated 45 male inmates. He suffered additional abuse a second night before he escaped from his tormentors (two of whom were pimping him to the others for cigarettes) and collapsed, sobbing, at the cell block gate where guards retrieved him. After a midnight examination at D.C. General Hospital (during which he remained handcuffed) he was returned to the jail hospital, untreated either for physical injury or emotional trauma.[18]

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lol untreated!

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does this mean the dmarcus episode is behind the pay wall

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i have nothing to listen to at work tomorrow

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i'm withholding shoah from my gf