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breaking bones = stronger bones 🤔

2017-07-29 16:12:05 UTC  

I knew this girl who broke a bone about once a week

2017-07-29 16:12:45 UTC  

and then they invented crash test dummies

2017-07-29 16:13:58 UTC  

What does vit D have to do with the soy meme?

2017-07-29 16:18:20 UTC  

did you out this girl out of her misery? she's obviously a failure at bones

2017-07-29 16:34:33 UTC  

@queenarchitect microfractures in bones can cause the webbing structure of the bone to recalcify and become denser and harder although it will lose pliability at the same time. it will be harder but have less give. although a complete break of a bone i doubt would have the same effect even if it healed properly

2017-07-29 16:35:32 UTC  

thats how those guys who break ice blocks and bricks etc can keep doing it over and over without turning their bones into a cornmeal

2017-07-29 16:36:22 UTC  

ah that's odd

2017-07-29 16:37:15 UTC  

it's not very dissimilar from how building muscle works. when you lift weights enough to get sore, that soreness is actually microtears and your body uses amino acids/proteins to rebuild those tears making the muscle larger in the process and more durable for the next time

2017-07-29 16:38:42 UTC  

its your body's way to adapting to environment. even self inflicted acts like those make your body think it is under environmental stress so it does what it can to adapt to the pressures. of course your dna will limit what it's actually capable of doing TO adapt which is why some people build muscle more easily than others and why men build more than women and so on

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fukn poll stuck at 85%

2017-07-29 16:40:08 UTC  

7070 votes rn

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djonald unchained fam

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@John Mackenzie cant find vitamin d that doesnt contain soy in stores

2017-07-29 16:46:35 UTC  

*frantically checks container*

2017-07-29 16:46:53 UTC  

@badtanman i've never seen that but i order supplements and shit online instead of buying at the grocery story. but an easy alternative would be Nature Made cal/mag/zinc which has D3 added to it and there is no soy on the ingredients list

2017-07-29 16:47:00 UTC  

there's no soy in mine

2017-07-29 16:47:33 UTC  

however you are more likely to find that vitamins with VitE may source that VitE from soy

2017-07-29 16:48:11 UTC  

ive been conned by big pharma once again

2017-07-29 16:48:14 UTC  

ill get my revenge

2017-07-29 16:48:34 UTC  

vit d without soy will make me the most powerful man on earth

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is there soy in whole milk?

2017-07-29 16:58:45 UTC  

No, only in soy milk

2017-07-29 16:58:56 UTC  

There's probably hormones though

2017-07-29 16:59:43 UTC  

yeah some brands advertise hormone free and etc but hard to say if they are honest about it

2017-07-29 17:00:17 UTC  

when i buy milk i do personally go for something organic but that's partly because it tastes different

2017-07-29 17:02:37 UTC  

me and jesus must be homies then

2017-07-29 17:03:30 UTC  

cause i be pale af yo

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tfw convo banned already

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what a dummy

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poor convo

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his own damn fault tbh

2017-07-29 17:06:30 UTC  

you say poor convo

2017-07-29 17:06:34 UTC  

i say poor us

2017-07-29 17:06:42 UTC  

aint that the truth brother HH

2017-07-29 17:06:51 UTC  

he went too hard