Message from weev in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-08-10 20:37:01 UTC  

cant believe ive never realized we're all HUMAN

2017-08-10 20:42:41 UTC  

Anyone have sauce on the 6% of nigger/White relationships taking care of babies from the 1 hour,15 min part of alc-right 19?

2017-08-10 20:57:02 UTC  
2017-08-10 21:03:34 UTC  

ofc it was an old white guy

2017-08-10 21:03:36 UTC  

why wouldnt it be

2017-08-10 21:21:28 UTC  

wtf dindueesha

2017-08-10 21:22:00 UTC's server is down?

2017-08-10 21:26:57 UTC  

Appears so

2017-08-10 21:26:58 UTC  

bigkk pedo reveal fallout probably

2017-08-10 21:27:08 UTC  

can't say spencer wasn't warned

2017-08-10 21:27:42 UTC  

dude got a 14 year old kid to sing some twisted gay song about "daddy's cummies" under threat of doxing

2017-08-10 21:27:51 UTC  

this was the furry that spencer put in charge of everything

2017-08-10 21:28:28 UTC  

he got the video shoahed from youtube

2017-08-10 21:28:30 UTC  

that's a backup

2017-08-10 21:28:51 UTC  

@D'Marcus Liebowitz you might want to remove him from this chat, fyi

2017-08-10 21:31:48 UTC  

I am not sure, a sever that im a part of with only 5 or so people in it is down

2017-08-10 21:33:00 UTC  

that dude is a fucking disaster and i lost a ton of respect for spencer when i found out he trusted him

2017-08-10 21:33:14 UTC  

@weev didnt he try and dox you too?

2017-08-10 21:36:01 UTC

2017-08-10 21:36:06 UTC  

i found this comment extremely suspect when he made it

2017-08-10 21:36:13 UTC  

That murdered 71 year olds nephew

2017-08-10 21:36:13 UTC

2017-08-10 21:36:41 UTC  

because shipping something internationally from america and paying customs is typically more than the object is worth and takes months

2017-08-10 21:37:14 UTC  

he kept trying to send me stuff

2017-08-10 21:37:25 UTC  

This is the furry that /pol has been on about all day?

2017-08-10 21:37:28 UTC  

but i mean, listen to that recording. it is insane

2017-08-10 21:37:33 UTC  

he is fucking depraved

2017-08-10 21:38:00 UTC  

keep in mind that it's a little boy basically, a 14 year old, that he's making talk about daddy's cummies and say his name

2017-08-10 21:38:13 UTC  

"dont punch white" says the furry pedo

2017-08-10 21:38:14 UTC  

spencer was repeatedly warned about this guy

2017-08-10 21:38:26 UTC  

with a tranny gf*

2017-08-10 21:38:38 UTC  

Also - his acne. He shouldn't be in charge of shit.

2017-08-10 21:38:53 UTC  


2017-08-10 21:38:53 UTC  

saw the admins in there kick for posting the video

2017-08-10 21:39:27 UTC  

and say stop spreading lies

2017-08-10 21:39:31 UTC  

i should be quiet i wouldnt want a cool guy like that to dox me

2017-08-10 21:39:51 UTC  

I got out a few days ago when it was infild

2017-08-10 21:40:10 UTC  

should I leave server when its back up?

2017-08-10 21:41:07 UTC  

You stayed even after all the warnings about cheese pizza and at everyone spam?