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White Democrat shouting down a black man. Who could've guessed

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We have to make things like this go viral by reposting, stealing, & cross-platforming
That's the real America & those men deserve to be held up as fine examples to the rest of us

Fake News MSM wants us to believe that we're on the verge of a race war in USA...

Americans sure don't act that way IRL

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did you see that?

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Man those wires look yummy😂👊🏼👑

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May the power of Q compel you.

2018-10-26 00:25:05 UTC  

Does anyone know of or have a good link on the official Trump stance on LBGTQ? All I’m finding in the searches is his apparent hatred for them.

2018-10-26 00:45:47 UTC  

@Cha0s here is a link to all the docs that mention the LGBTQ issue. there may be some help in those.

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Thanks @dustyhalo!

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Didn't receive this, gonna send it...


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That's awesome

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I am turning into a little fucking shit lord.

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Nice one gobo

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I added soy for an accellerant

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🆙 | **John of Arc leveled up!**

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Not going to let the pampered pusses whine...not on my feed. Gotta slap 'em back to reality. MEME. DIG. RESEARCH. MEME SOME MORE. Q fucking told us all what to do. Some people want to go into a panic...FFS. LMAO

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_S L O W C L A P_ @Deleted User

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Penn would be proud. I told them to get back to fucking work. LMFAO

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buh Q hasn’t posted anything

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Less than 12 days until time for frets. MEMES to the fucking forefront!

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HellZ to the YESSS

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>links to Q posts

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>over 2300 posts

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>get to work

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That's RIGHT!

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but muh day job

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Wahhhh hep me....I need to feel FED. Muh Q fix....gimme gimme...