Message from John of Arc in Turtle Hermit School #random

2018-10-31 20:00:21 UTC  

ya - i was looking at that

2018-10-31 20:59:42 UTC  
2018-10-31 21:32:35 UTC  

nice to see him cover the forest shit in CA

2018-10-31 21:32:44 UTC  

fuckin faggots so obvious that shit was on purpose

2018-10-31 22:06:21 UTC  

VIA @RSBNetwork 🔴 Watch #LIVE: @POTUS Donald #Trump Holds #MAGA #TrumpRally in #FortMyers , #FL 10/31/18" #HappyHalloween
✔#VoteRed #VoteRedToSaveAmerica

2018-10-31 22:52:12 UTC  

Can I get a sauce on this? I can't find it on his site but who knows

2018-10-31 23:02:49 UTC  

She done stepped in it now.

2018-10-31 23:11:04 UTC

2018-10-31 23:11:21 UTC  


2018-10-31 23:12:03 UTC  

My back lit hillary window plus 10 hour loop hillary kacklin

2018-10-31 23:20:30 UTC  

@LaserTrain I can't fidn the tweet but I hear that's from the View

2018-10-31 23:22:54 UTC  

GA isn’t going to give up any guns. It’s laughable for her to think that would play well there.

2018-10-31 23:31:50 UTC  

@John of Arc 👍👍👍👍😂😂😂😂

nice one @John of Arc

2018-11-01 00:09:18 UTC  

I will say 70% in my neighborhood thought it was awesome. A few asked to take videos .... red wave


2018-11-01 00:09:21 UTC  

🆙 | **RonaldSwansong leveled up!**



2018-11-01 00:10:03 UTC  

***taking image***

2018-11-01 00:10:03 UTC  


I saw a blexit from rons house last night

2018-11-01 00:11:22 UTC  

There's a blenter continual stream on the back of the house

u fuggin know it

2018-11-01 00:13:02 UTC  

Ron, don't know where your from, but I'm going to the cleveland rally , or if anyone else wants to go

Get there super early

like 12hrs early if you want to be up front

2018-11-01 00:14:47 UTC  

I've got a big crowd so don't know how logistics will work

Thats good its at the IX center, Plenty of parking

2018-11-01 00:45:01 UTC  

eyes wide open isn't for the fair minded, but it is an eye opener if ur willing to see -

2018-11-01 01:16:33 UTC  

newspaper | CIA Vault 7 Whistleblower Hit With New Leaking Charges

2018-11-01 01:19:21 UTC  

happy halloween