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Hi gay, I'm Botchan (,)!

2018-11-06 22:10:35 UTC  

hey bb

2018-11-06 22:11:27 UTC  

@7alon ASL?

2018-11-06 22:16:06 UTC

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Anyone think Cher could potentially be a front hole faggot, that replaced the original mk ultra'd malfunctioned one?

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It's funny knowing that I could wake up tomorrow and have a different boss.

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You see that faggots... An old 81 lady that weighs less than a shetland pony has voted for our GEOTUS.

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@stedly I don't identify with gender, so I can't give you my sex. I'm a genderless gay rhinoceros

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@7alon i only date apache attack helicopters

2018-11-06 23:14:13 UTC  

looks like late money thinks republican

2018-11-06 23:14:38 UTC  

I think we redpilled them on who owned the most slaves before the Civil War...

2018-11-06 23:15:28 UTC  

(((who owned the slaves before the Civil War)))

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Oh no, don't you see goyim... ((())) is now officially anti-Semitic now.

Styxhexenhammer666 livestream blowing up

Fuck the legacy media

Gonna break 20k

Shit is crazy

2018-11-07 00:06:43 UTC  

Oh shit, Razorfist? Link plz

2018-11-07 00:06:56 UTC  

Nvm, not that big of an idiot

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Well the west coast isn't really going to change much

2018-11-07 00:14:35 UTC  

East Coast + Midwest are going to be the most interesting

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auto updating

2018-11-07 00:15:37 UTC  

and no msm bs

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We are UNITED.
The world is changing.
Can you feel it?
Hmm... this is Ripe for tweaking with After Effects... Red wave at beginning, Fiery Q and floating sparkly Q's throughout, Anyone any good on AE??