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My dogs farts smell like dead considering firing him.

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Theres less stinky dogs that would eat less kibble

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@YUGE the issue with guns is not door to door its things like the automatic ban

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I can assure you, regardless of legal statues, america will not be disarmed

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there are a lot more guns than people in this country

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but what they will be able to push is bans like the auto ban

2017-08-22 04:13:37 UTC  

they use scare tactics to try to shift culture

2017-08-22 04:13:41 UTC  

it wont work

2017-08-22 04:13:54 UTC  

i think it will if it keeps up

2017-08-22 04:13:59 UTC  

your point is taken, but auto weapons are dumb anyway

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nah, it wont

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we need to be vigilant, and keep pushing back

2017-08-22 04:14:26 UTC  

but they won't disarm america

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well they wont disarm but i think eventuly it will become so hard its just a waiting game for the current guns in circulation to just break down

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i dont

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also, 400mm+ small arms is a lot of firewpower

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i think that it will be like the uk or canada at worst

2017-08-22 04:24:23 UTC  

so basically needing a license

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Yuge is right

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the amount of vets who still practice and were well trained is pretty damn high too.

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@ImKawaiiSenpai no offense, but you're simply not right

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that will never happen in america

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I wish @Vanguard was on he'd love this

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You have to understand gun culture in america to understand why

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you might @YUGE

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solid investment

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America will not be disarmed by anyone.

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Comments are white pill to the max

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i have 1 request

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send them back