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I just made a thread on TRS what about "Charlottesville: the speeches they never wanted you to hear". Have everyone record the speech they were going to give and make it into a little special episode.

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These fucking people will pay dearly

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is the real mel gibson on twitter?

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Good question let's see

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Doesn't look like it

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@OrwellHuxley i like that idea. Running the gauntlet and waiting for several hours only to be kicked out and setup by police and ending up in a Twitter moment for 24 hrs from the night rally, would really make it all worth while imho...(although i think it was worth while anyway)

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Thx. Yeah would be a cool thing to do.

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Streisand effect

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It is giving it major publicity

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Why did it get such a spike after 3 years?

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it got put in limited state

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first video to have that so tons of people have made videos on it

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Idk what that means

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ok so looks like the censorship is misfiring MASSIVELY?

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The giant is waking

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Every day we get more people

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its a panic reaction on their part

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It's almost like the Jew wants a racewar

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notice also the russian narrative has died

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now its the trump = nazi narrative

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@Decimus_Pax_Britainnia it's jewtube's new censorship method - it means that the video can't be shared, ratings and comments are disabled, you can't go to the channel from the video, the video won't come up in recommended videos

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they didnt want to give us publicity before

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so they avoided talking about us

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so now that they are, they want to shut us down

2017-08-27 14:15:01 UTC  

keep more people from seeing us

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The Juden always make the same misake..'never satisfied with infiltration, always the Juden push their hateful agenda'. I said these word to a prominat Jude in my town!

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But that doesn't make sense

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their culture/genes don't allow anything else. Its like asking whites to be happy living in a resource-rich land and not building a strong civ

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If that censorship was working you'd be getting no views

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Not a spike of them

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individuals might disagree/ act differently, but group behavior is pretty predictable

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exactly it's the streisand effect as lupus put it

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lol that one hurt

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You guys seen the narrative of that guy who 'shot' at the nigger

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On my 18th birthday i saet a goal ns society by 2020