Message from Belligerent Ship in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-08-30 00:45:42 UTC  

Someone said earlier, can't make decisions for the group based on a few

2017-08-30 00:45:49 UTC  

That person was me

2017-08-30 00:45:55 UTC  

We ought to not only ship our niggers back, but crowd fund arms for them and tell 'em to go out and conquer the continent...that is the sort of sportsball team i can honestly support

2017-08-30 00:46:23 UTC  

Belligerent: 1. Its love of your own people. Not hate of others. 2. Racism is just a term to shut down argument. 3. If you get to a point in a good faith conversation, bring up the fact that blacks are trying to separate themselves from whites on college campuses nationwide. Why can't we?

2017-08-30 00:46:40 UTC  

@Belligerent Ship my bad man. It was indeed

2017-08-30 00:46:47 UTC  

And always "Asia for the asians etc"

2017-08-30 00:47:10 UTC  

The more the alt right grows and the more we troll them I think you'll start seeing black nationalism grow and a genuine movement of people who want to leave

2017-08-30 00:47:24 UTC  

I mentioned that last night

2017-08-30 00:47:36 UTC  

Save black culture... stop white genocide

2017-08-30 00:47:38 UTC  

We can work with those blacks

2017-08-30 00:47:38 UTC  


2017-08-30 00:47:40 UTC  

You really think they'll want to leave the continent?

2017-08-30 00:47:46 UTC  

I normally hold my own in arguments, but sometimes I don't think argument is the way to approach norm mcdonalds

2017-08-30 00:47:48 UTC  

A lot won't

2017-08-30 00:47:56 UTC  

Objects can't consent

2017-08-30 00:48:21 UTC  

Hell, segregation is the only way to save black culture

2017-08-30 00:48:23 UTC  

We can meme it . Take back your destiny

2017-08-30 00:48:26 UTC  

Our outdated farm equipment cannot make decisions. Lol

2017-08-30 00:48:29 UTC  

Greg Johnson: "Blacks can only receive welfare if they move to Africa"

2017-08-30 00:48:32 UTC  

The mother country needs you

2017-08-30 00:48:45 UTC  

Belligerent Ship: "Then after like 3 months we stop paying those niggers"

2017-08-30 00:49:24 UTC  

That long?

2017-08-30 00:50:01 UTC  

@here chat time foolz

2017-08-30 00:50:20 UTC  

HOLY SHIT! I would gladly pay my tax dollars to gibs in Africa (adjusted for their currency) if they went back

2017-08-30 00:50:34 UTC  

It's honestly a great fucking idea

2017-08-30 00:50:36 UTC  

For their population to boom?

2017-08-30 00:50:44 UTC  

Gotta cut aid if they go back

2017-08-30 00:50:58 UTC  

Save the environment, dudes. Eat Ben and Jerrys

2017-08-30 00:51:00 UTC  

Well that's short term bro

2017-08-30 00:51:01 UTC  

Only if the financial aid is in the form of pennies airdropped from 30.000 feet

2017-08-30 00:51:03 UTC  

@NSJW how many levels of DR3 are you on right now my dude?

2017-08-30 00:51:03 UTC  

just to get them back

2017-08-30 00:51:15 UTC  

We should start a black nationalist group on twitter that just pushes back to Africa Memes

2017-08-30 00:51:19 UTC  

No Larry, dingus. Just like America as in Africa. Free abortions and birth control. GIBS!

2017-08-30 00:51:23 UTC  

There is Orwell

2017-08-30 00:51:34 UTC  

I don't know if it's gained much traction, was started by 8ch

2017-08-30 00:51:35 UTC  

Boom Orwell.

2017-08-30 00:51:39 UTC  

Fuck America we'll never get a fair shake here"

2017-08-30 00:51:51 UTC  

Hortler was a socialist!!!1!!!1!!1

2017-08-30 00:51:55 UTC  

Muh fuggin whitey be too deeply imbedded

2017-08-30 00:51:58 UTC  

Oh nice lol