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and he stopped at Tamburello

Which was a nice thing to do

2018-03-28 16:17:09 UTC  

That's slower than most teslas

2018-03-28 16:17:12 UTC  


Best Car ever made no judgement you just pick it as long as it isn't a VW Golf

2018-03-29 22:26:33 UTC  

"MATE HE'S GOT A E-TYPE JAGUAR that's the best car ever made!"2

2018-03-29 22:26:55 UTC  

hmmmm broo has a lot of best cars <:pepe_smug:378719408341909506>

i notice you don't have an idea for what the best car is

2018-03-29 22:39:10 UTC

i bet you drive a Prius Dan

2018-03-29 22:49:59 UTC  

i drive a truck

well is it a good truck?

it isn't the question

but it's better than your amish carriage

2018-03-30 00:09:07 UTC  

You can never beat the classics

2018-03-30 19:48:09 UTC  

The base model F type is a fucking joke

2018-03-30 19:48:57 UTC  

$56,000 for a car slower than the $40,000 Golf R? No ty

that's why it's called the F-Type it''s for a hairdressers

what does the full beans V8 superchargered cost?

the one with the full welly and the Union Jack on the top?

cus that ain't a Golf you Commie

2018-03-31 15:34:00 UTC

2018-03-31 15:34:48 UTC

2018-04-01 00:02:29 UTC  

Why is she trying to tighten a rubber hose with a crescent wrench?

2018-04-01 00:02:45 UTC  

That's OBVIOUSLY the wrong tool.

2018-04-02 14:52:33 UTC  

I doubt the car consented to any of ths.

2018-04-02 23:43:25 UTC

2018-04-03 03:10:55 UTC  

@Fulcrum010 just another evening retard fight

2018-04-03 03:20:22 UTC  

@Deleted User How strong is the Spergery???

2018-04-03 03:20:59 UTC  

Too strong

2018-04-03 03:21:24 UTC  

Good luck and stay safe.

2018-04-03 03:25:56 UTC  

@Deleted User
It's becoming usual already

2018-04-03 03:30:17 UTC  

@Fulcrum010 now the tism is coming from a mod

2018-04-03 03:31:53 UTC  

Honestly? It's better than ethnocucks annoying everyone

2018-04-03 03:32:20 UTC  

Be careful with this level of Tism we could summon JF.

2018-04-03 03:34:02 UTC  

He left the server a few months ago, we are fine

2018-04-03 03:34:49 UTC  


2018-04-03 03:37:37 UTC  

The commies were still the best autismo

2018-04-03 03:41:00 UTC  

I don't know about that.