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2017-11-10 01:49:26 UTC  

it'll never happen

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It might happen

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At least not in the Japanese version.... maybe other versions

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Japanese society is going down the toilet

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2017-11-10 01:50:11 UTC  

how so?

2017-11-10 01:50:17 UTC  

I mean, I was exaggerating

2017-11-10 01:50:17 UTC  

I haven't heard about this.

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But they do have some problems with fertility rates and singles

2017-11-10 01:57:04 UTC  

Look like it's time for captain gaijin to cum and save the day

2017-11-10 01:57:34 UTC  

thats the case with a lot first world countries though

2017-11-10 02:11:02 UTC  

Pokemon is more aware of international markets than most Japanese game franchises.

2017-11-10 02:12:48 UTC  

When Tomodachi Life came out, people in the west started complaining you couldn't have same-sex couples.

2017-11-10 02:13:54 UTC  

They replied that it wasn't intentional, they just didn't think about it. And that they'd consider it for future games. Fire Emblem Fates came out with same-sex marriage.

2017-11-10 02:14:52 UTC  

So yeah, Nintendo is more likely to bend over to western social activism than most Japanese companies.

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🇰 ℹ 🇦

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I have no idea what I'm looking at

2017-11-10 02:50:12 UTC  

The Japanese PM having a little fall

2017-11-10 02:50:40 UTC  

The still makes it look even worse than it was

2017-11-10 03:16:52 UTC  

Steam gonna Steam.

2017-11-10 03:17:07 UTC  

Always wondered what actually happened to Greenlight, now I know

2017-11-10 03:24:12 UTC  

That happened soon after Trump tried to genocide all the Koi fish in Japan.

2017-11-10 03:25:01 UTC  

I thought you were talking about Greenlight for a second there

2017-11-10 03:25:25 UTC  

Well, we've all missed the step

2017-11-10 03:25:33 UTC  

But most of us didn't have a helicopter camera crew filming it

2017-11-10 03:31:50 UTC  

It's quite possible they were drunk, considering they didn't have the media near them.

2017-11-10 03:38:23 UTC  

I remember that comic.

2017-11-10 03:38:27 UTC  

Are they still going?

2017-11-10 03:38:33 UTC  

wow, that made me sound old.

2017-11-10 03:38:35 UTC  

but anyway

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is this a good template?

2017-11-10 03:57:39 UTC  

replace jews with anything