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2017-09-03 05:48:21 UTC  

@wkw4jack it would be a real shame if someone postered a shitload of campuses with that.

2017-09-03 05:49:08 UTC  

hell yeah

2017-09-03 05:51:27 UTC  

The articles that I can find on "antifa helping in Houston" appear to offer little in proof, and the people that claim to be part of left wing or anarchist groups that they do find say that they aren't really antifa. Nor doesn anybody actually demonstrate the effectiveness of any of their efforts. It just sounds like people that live in Houston that claim some bullshit "anarchist" mantle are pitching in and some people are trying to claim that this is some sort of coordinated charitable effort by antifa.

2017-09-03 05:52:56 UTC  

That image would probably be more effective without swastikas. Anything with a swastika and the word bigger will be branded a hate crime.

2017-09-03 05:53:02 UTC  

It's better to be subtle.

2017-09-03 05:53:18 UTC  

Yeah it's probably fake news.

2017-09-03 05:54:09 UTC  

And even if they did help, they're probably only helping non white invaders who will spark the next civil war by turning Texas non-white and democratic, so fuck them.

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Eww why is he kissing it

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Poor drumpf :(

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Interestingly, the antifa are saying that "antifa is aiding the recovery efforts in Houston, while the proud boys aren't," but the proud boys are also claiming to be assisting relief efforts on their sites:

2017-09-03 06:07:34 UTC  

He's clearly sucking its soul like a dementor from Harry Potter. Most don't know but Trump is an egoist he was asserting his will upon the niglet.

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Personally, I wouldn't donate to either of these groups if I were just trying to help people in Houston. Seems like that money will be misused by either one.

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@Marie Woods i didnt know you were in here lol

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@Vanguard can confirm @queenarchitect hair is past her jawline

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I measured

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im too busy bowlpoasting

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@YUGE how goes it?

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Shop a bowl on that @Ilya Muromets

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just use this one

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@Ilya Muromets probably bc I rarely post in here

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k one sec yuge

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I just drank a liter of spaten optimater at a Prague bar with the goys and my waifu. I'm doing well @Ilya Muromets

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GFS weather model now predicting Hurricane Irma will make landfall in the Carolinas as a major Category 3+ Storm. It's also predicting a second hurricane will form just to the South-East of it

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Gavin McInness banned me from one of my twitters for putting a bowl on him and telling him he's a cuck and needs to go to church

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im going full bowl against the proud boys

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@Ilya Muromets you get 1 million white waifus

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i know

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I fucked up, i found a super good deal on an upper and and a BCG for an AR308 and ordered it

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im committed to building it now

2017-09-03 06:19:26 UTC  

CNN Fake News reporting 6th Nuclear test in North Korea

2017-09-03 06:24:59 UTC  

Both the proud boys and the oath cucks claim to be helping in Houston, but the left wing media is actually attacking them for it, saying they're just opportunists or they're just their to shoot black people. Lol. Once again, cucking never goes unpunished. Meanwhile leftists are trying to push this idea that antifa is doing crucial aid work. A bullshit narrative is being formed here.

2017-09-03 06:25:49 UTC  

I just did some googling on this issue and found the independent and Raw Story claiming that antifa is helping based on the word of antifa alone. These same outlets are attacking the proud boys And the oath cucks as well, even though both of those groups are claiming to have been active in Houston doing aid work.

2017-09-03 06:27:37 UTC  

So north Korea nuked itself? Lmaooooo

2017-09-03 06:28:30 UTC