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2017-11-06 18:13:42 UTC  

TUNNEL SNAKES>Trump cobras > Clinton vipers

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2017-11-06 18:14:04 UTC  

Anti-white sentiment and the demonization of American patriotism

2017-11-06 18:14:17 UTC  

@franti of course, thats why I supported wolfpac back during my TYT days, before they went really shit

2017-11-06 18:14:31 UTC  

i feel like everyone had a TYT phase

2017-11-06 18:14:39 UTC  


2017-11-06 18:15:07 UTC  

But for me more as an american left take on things

2017-11-06 18:15:32 UTC  

Until they jumped the Sam Harris shark

2017-11-06 18:15:32 UTC  

I also watch shapiro for right takes

2017-11-06 18:16:04 UTC  

I've started watching Crowder but I haven't really seen Shapiro

2017-11-06 18:16:19 UTC  

Crowder is also a lens

2017-11-06 18:16:21 UTC  

I watch Shapiro as well, I watch Milo for entertainment purposes, and Larry Elder was pretty good on Dave Rubin

2017-11-06 18:16:22 UTC  

I haven't watched Crowder in over a year

2017-11-06 18:16:46 UTC  

Crowder's good for Amy Schumer realted stuff, not much else

2017-11-06 18:16:48 UTC  

He really pises me of with the whole climate chenge thing

2017-11-06 18:17:10 UTC  

@BrianBoru @Soyaman which one of you wrote this?

2017-11-06 18:17:10 UTC  

He generally comes prepared and has a reasonable approach

2017-11-06 18:17:43 UTC  

The only right-wing dude i've followed contnuously was Naked Ape but he hasn't uploaded in months

2017-11-06 18:17:54 UTC  

he is more of a live streamer now

2017-11-06 18:17:55 UTC  

Also you dont need a wall you just need to enforce your labour laws

2017-11-06 18:17:55 UTC  

yeah, his podcast with Kraut was pretty good

2017-11-06 18:18:00 UTC  

but that's gone silent as well

2017-11-06 18:18:25 UTC  

Punish the people who hire them

2017-11-06 18:18:27 UTC  

im pretty sure he jumps on people like edgy sphinx

2017-11-06 18:18:33 UTC  

live stream

2017-11-06 18:18:42 UTC  

We do need a wall

2017-11-06 18:18:47 UTC  

It's not about jobs ffs

2017-11-06 18:18:48 UTC  

I haven't paid much attention to edgy since his return

2017-11-06 18:19:27 UTC  

I only time i saw Edgy Sphinx was on the Questions for Ancaps video

2017-11-06 18:19:59 UTC  

And Naked Ape's Alt-Right stream

2017-11-06 18:20:20 UTC  

Even if the wall keeps out 10% of illegals it will pay for itself by the first year

2017-11-06 18:20:32 UTC  

National security

2017-11-06 18:20:41 UTC  

We just can't afford to be so porous

2017-11-06 18:20:51 UTC  

We lose billions from illegals who pay zero income tax

2017-11-06 18:21:07 UTC  

And you need a job to have income

2017-11-06 18:21:18 UTC  

That money ends up sent back home to Mexico most of the time

2017-11-06 18:21:33 UTC  

Yeha, there was that whole thing with that girl who claimed she was illegal, which she might have been, said she was holing a federal tax form in the photo, and it was a fucking state tax form

2017-11-06 18:21:34 UTC  

Leeches gonna leech

2017-11-06 18:22:05 UTC  

Illegals paying taxes, that's rich.

2017-11-06 18:22:20 UTC  

and it wasn't even filled out, which she said it was

2017-11-06 18:22:25 UTC  

A lot of legals also send money back to their home country