Message from blackhat 16 in Cascadian Coffee Company #general

2017-05-19 01:47:21 UTC  

It looks like it ought to be used as a package design for some really powerful Chinese fireworks. Like it's ready to blow up.

2017-05-19 01:48:14 UTC  

It visually says "Danger. Handle with extreme caution".

2017-05-19 01:48:39 UTC  

Fash overload

2017-05-19 01:52:05 UTC  

@Wehrmacht I like the blue field, green cross, white trim motif

2017-05-19 01:52:40 UTC  

Can you make it flash and tweet it to Kurt Eichenwald for me? I'm sure he'd like to be kept abreast of such things.

2017-05-19 01:53:12 UTC  

Et tu, Goy?

2017-05-19 01:53:48 UTC  

That would do him in for sure

2017-05-19 01:53:57 UTC  

Right Wing Death Gifs

2017-05-19 01:54:37 UTC  

you will never be as fasces as this!!!!!

2017-05-19 01:54:50 UTC  


2017-05-19 01:54:51 UTC  


2017-05-19 01:55:40 UTC  

The Marr version looks very kamikaze for sure

2017-05-19 01:57:10 UTC  

The black sun rising over a field of blood

2017-05-19 02:04:06 UTC  

You plan to sew that standard up yourself, General Marr?

2017-05-19 02:06:03 UTC  

Dat women's work.

2017-05-19 02:06:32 UTC  

Right you are

2017-05-19 02:07:55 UTC  

We need a Betsy Ross battalion.

2017-05-19 02:09:53 UTC  

@blackhat 16 knows a flag maker if I'm recalling correctly.

2017-05-19 02:11:25 UTC  

That was AF acct who knows flag maker

2017-05-19 02:13:01 UTC  

TC got a mention in the Eugene Weekly in an article about ROP(e)

2017-05-19 02:13:26 UTC  

Saw that

2017-05-19 02:14:11 UTC  

I'd love to see that General Marr standard zip tied to the center of an overpass fence and flanked on right and left by my new "WOTAN MIN UNS" banners. That prototype banner is so fucking big I can't even display it in such a manner to check it out.

2017-05-19 02:16:29 UTC  

That would be bad ass but not TC bad ass. They're the coolest!

2017-05-19 02:18:14 UTC  

I can't get that Weekly article to load.

2017-05-19 02:30:42 UTC  

We aren't the only ones. Web archive is having trouble.

2017-05-19 02:40:14 UTC  

fun with algiz

2017-05-19 02:40:17 UTC

2017-05-19 03:08:31 UTC  

the ever popular flag flag

2017-05-19 03:22:52 UTC  

@seapea the Algiz flag is kind of cool because it looks nearly like a life rune. We could have something like that dedicated to hanging vertical, make it into an actual life rune also.

2017-05-19 03:37:47 UTC  

leave no doubts

2017-05-19 03:38:39 UTC  

That's a nice one.

2017-05-19 03:39:49 UTC  

popular with supporters of the Racist Party

2017-05-19 03:40:24 UTC  

I bet. Is it racist if a nigger flies it?

2017-05-19 03:41:30 UTC  

only if he/she/it self identifies as a nigger.

2017-05-19 04:20:38 UTC

2017-05-19 04:20:40 UTC

2017-05-19 15:12:40 UTC  

@DatGoy You preferred the green cross white trim?

2017-05-19 15:13:13 UTC  

So we will definitely use the black sun, but do we center it? Or iron cross it?

2017-05-19 15:13:23 UTC  

Hang on

2017-05-19 15:22:51 UTC