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@everyone I've pruned the old general for security reasons. THERE IS AN OPEN LINK TO THIS SERVER FROM THE DAILY STORMER FORUMS, CONSIDER THIS A PUBLIC DISCORD. We suspect there are infiltrators here as it is.

@here here is a new public invite to this discord in case the old one doesn't work anymore, you share if you want.

2018-01-20 09:22:36 UTC  


2018-01-21 01:04:02 UTC  

Oh fug

2018-01-21 01:23:39 UTC  

Fug indeed, fug indeed.

2018-01-21 01:33:39 UTC  

Infiltrators from where?

2018-01-21 01:56:41 UTC  


2018-01-21 02:17:42 UTC  


2018-01-21 02:18:10 UTC  

Or just Russians in general?

2018-01-21 02:18:25 UTC  

I think he was messing with you lol

2018-01-21 02:18:44 UTC  

Prolly just some lefty that clicked on the open invite in the DS

2018-01-21 02:19:02 UTC  

A Russian leftie LOL

2018-01-21 02:19:49 UTC  

Putin himself

2018-01-21 02:19:58 UTC  

Anyone read SIEGE here?

2018-01-21 02:21:10 UTC  

Me and Friendly Fash

2018-01-21 02:21:23 UTC  


2018-01-21 02:21:32 UTC  

@Zeiger You read SIEGE or nah?

2018-01-21 23:47:33 UTC  

Of course Zeiger read Siege dude who is this?

2018-01-21 23:47:53 UTC  

We are not Siege-pilled bruhs, if you want this join an Iron March Discord server

2018-01-22 00:06:51 UTC  

So what are you guys about?

2018-01-22 00:07:10 UTC  

Meeting up and reading books?