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The next meeting is saturday afternoon. Le prochain meeting est samedi après midi. 3 sept.

2016-08-28 23:38:52 UTC  

2016-08-28 23:39:11 UTC  

en haut, maintenant, mon message est 'pin"

2016-08-28 23:40:13 UTC  

Parfait j'le vois.

2016-08-28 23:41:18 UTC  

Probably wont be able to attend saturday. Will see. But i will be passing in mtl on friday.

2016-08-28 23:44:44 UTC  

well, we can have a beer then if you want

2016-08-28 23:45:19 UTC  

or maybe go do a bit of boxing training or smt

2016-08-28 23:46:39 UTC  

Kk, don't know the exact time ill be in town on friday but i will later on this week. I'll fill you in when i do and see if we can arrange a meet-up.

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2016-08-28 23:47:15 UTC  

also, for your information, you can send direct messages to anyone by right clicking their names

2016-08-28 23:47:50 UTC  

Sounds good

2016-08-28 23:48:55 UTC  

Im out, see you next week. Maybe

2016-08-28 23:49:06 UTC  

okay, bye

2016-08-29 00:00:00 UTC  

Hey, maybe we can do some axe-throwing as an activity one day -

2016-08-29 00:00:16 UTC  

sounds pretty cool!

2016-08-29 00:25:52 UTC  

I know this place, been there once. It's cool indeed! And it's open until late (9pm), so people that work during the day can go as well

2016-08-29 22:31:05 UTC  

Guys guys guys

2016-08-29 22:31:12 UTC  

You're not believe this shit

2016-08-29 22:31:28 UTC  

I red pulled a chick last night all out

2016-08-29 22:31:32 UTC  


2016-08-29 22:31:41 UTC  

Either that

2016-08-29 22:31:44 UTC  

so, she's into you

2016-08-29 22:31:50 UTC  

good for you!

2016-08-29 22:32:04 UTC  

Or she's a fucking absolute nutter that doesn't give a fuck if I am horrible nazi

2016-08-29 22:32:18 UTC  

no woman cares about that

2016-08-29 22:32:24 UTC  

But I kept checking

2016-08-29 22:32:40 UTC  

They think they care

2016-08-29 22:32:56 UTC  

But if they give you any time they realize nazis has no bearing on relationship quality

2016-08-29 22:33:04 UTC  

It even has positives more so

ok Zeiger

since we said our fb in-group would hold its activity of the month on saturday

we could instead get the in-group to help you out

this saturday

2016-08-30 01:01:29 UTC  

yeah, right

and that could be our group activity

i said as much on fb

just now

2016-08-30 01:01:51 UTC  

that would be great, of course. but I don't want to impose