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hey, what's up guys...I'm in Montreal also


same here

my writting skills in French are pretty shit though

I only got into the community stuff when I heard about this book club idea

well that's it...I've been lurking the website reading articles for a while

I'm 34

pretty much

hey, what book did you write?

nice, I'll look into it

I've never readt it, but it's a great topic for a book

hey guys, I got to work for a bit...I'll look into the book Zeiger

but how are we going to stay in touch?

can I get this to work on phone?

ok, I'll check that out

I just watched the Ramzpaul video, and its hard to argue against most of what he's saying. I think he has a pretty accurate view for the direction our society is heading.

I don't think Trump is exactly the messiah we've been waiting for or anything, but I always sort of thought it would be rigged in favour of Hillary anyways. But I'll also admit that I thought the Brexit vote would have been fixed, and that actually happened. So we'll see.

Someone was a little triggered lol

Dumb useless people who just post shit from their safe spaces

I cracked up over your article about "we thought they were white" when you decided it wasn't a troll because of the bad grammar and spelling mistakes. Lol

Hey Zeiger, I'm from the west island + I have a car. Let me know if you need help next weekend, just sent me the date and time.

If I'm available during whatever date and time you decide, I would help out for sure

Ok, I should be able to make it

This is a weird photo lol

Hey, maybe we can do some axe-throwing as an activity one day -

"Isolated incident" according to the (((media)))

"Religion of peace" has its name written all over this

I'll bet there's no alt-right "terrorists" behind these bombings

I smell islam

Pepe is a religion of peace

All of this happening on the same day "US unintentionally struck Syrian troops while carrying out a raid"

I'd love to see them try and blame it on Russia 😆

It's also the last day of public holidays for the muzzie Eid celebrations


Where did you hear this?

NWO: communism through the backdoor, is a good one

Sick hat!

Shit, icann actually lost the contract...that was a subject that didn't seem to get enough attention

It went much better for Trump than Hillary imo

Check out the google search spike after he mentioned George soros -

Trump also called Hillary "the devil" right to her face.

Big companies are looking for cucked out "yes" men to just complete their tasks and not ask any questions

Actually that Michael Moore speech was pretty good

Yeah, that was good find

He's gonna win bigly!

CNN is going to drag this on for days...then after, they'll close down lol

That mudskin in the metro is ridiculous...and people wonder why we're not interested in bringing in the rest of them

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