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@JFGariepy How is the book progressing anyway?

2019-10-17 17:28:20 UTC  

About half of it written right now - unwritten sections keep growing!

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Take your time with the book

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We have a lot of patience

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@The-Free-Monk SILENCE!!!

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you cant rush greatness

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This is what happens when people have never had to struggle for their freedoms

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The young have always been communistic

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The problem is going to be.... for the first time in a while they young will outnumber the older ones who have learned

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It's easy to be a commie when you are currently being sustained off of the backs of other people's labor

2019-10-29 20:16:00 UTC  

Once you start earnings things from the sweat of your brow, it's not as appealing a philosophy any more

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Just in case you want to know what a real man looks like...

2019-11-07 14:48:51 UTC  

His grandchildren

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@JFGariepy Chapter #6 could also include Women's "Shit-test"?
when a woman says or does things to her mate, that are often cruel or intentionally testing the boundaries to see if he will "be a man" and able to make her feel secure.
The classic "shit-test" is when a woman asks "do I look fat in these jeans", there is no correct answer. 😉

2019-11-10 01:57:09 UTC  

of course that's what it's about 🙂

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What kind of selection pressure would have given rise to shit tests i wonder?

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i think shit tests are a modern phenomena

2019-11-10 04:16:52 UTC  

essentially men are becoming increasingly emasculated and feminized

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so women are no longer certain whether her mate has the physical and mental strength to help her and her offspring survive

2019-11-10 04:18:48 UTC  

so the female maybe trying to test their mental strength and self control ?

2019-11-10 04:19:42 UTC  

or maybe she is being a rational utility maximizer that is just trying the get the most out of you because she knows this relationship is temporary and she has other orbiter beta males to rely upon

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Here is an interesting video on that

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Also this is another but unrelated very interesting video

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I pooped myself

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will the moral signal address veganism

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jf asked people to help make a list of moral signals to cover in the book, and veganism was definitely a big one on there. whether it actually makes the book is yet to be seen

2019-12-04 13:21:35 UTC  

are contrarianism and skepticism in the list?