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2019-10-17 18:21:08 UTC [JFG.world #book-discussion]  

This is for ALL books

2019-10-17 18:22:08 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Oh boy, looks like I missed tons of fun

2019-10-17 18:22:20 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

What homosexuality happened?

2019-10-17 18:25:49 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

<--- Didn't lose anything because he wasn't online at the time

2019-10-17 18:26:37 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

So was this Castizas doing?

2019-10-17 18:27:26 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I hear "vegan girl" and thats the only one I can think of

2019-10-17 18:32:10 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

oh yeah, Vegan girl banned Aen too. be sure to bring him back.

2019-10-17 18:32:42 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-17 18:32:48 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

No it wasn't

2019-10-17 18:32:51 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-17 18:33:18 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I could actually believe that

2019-10-17 18:33:35 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Seriously.... how much alcohol does it take to give Castiza fucking mod?

2019-10-17 18:35:50 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

All vegan females are the same to me

2019-10-17 18:38:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Im pretty sure I own Civ 5

2019-10-17 18:38:42 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

but played like less than 5 hours of it

2019-10-17 18:40:11 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I want a Civ game that has the Governments of Civ 2, the Diplomacy AI of Civ 3, and the alternate win cons of Civ 4

2019-10-17 18:40:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Instead we got 5.....

2019-10-17 18:40:36 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

It really was

2019-10-17 18:40:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

best unit variety

2019-10-17 18:40:53 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

and Fundamentalism was so amazingly broken

2019-10-17 18:41:09 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I can buy that theory

2019-10-17 18:41:39 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I hope everyone learned a valuable lesson about talking to girls and acting like their opinions matter

2019-10-17 18:42:22 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

What are these numbers?

2019-10-17 18:46:18 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I want to introduce Bill SB42069. The bill to fund a trip to Lowe's for some rope

2019-10-17 18:46:53 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

don't be giving out the Secret Hitler password

2019-10-17 18:47:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Vegans are everywhere

2019-10-17 18:47:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

personally i say we line the server with bacon

2019-10-17 18:57:47 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

@KroggRache Be sure to let a mod know what your roles were so they can be restored

2019-10-17 19:13:18 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

@Wesker yes, because players need to be able to ping a MC mod for the server without pinging all mods

2019-10-17 19:14:11 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

because you are the only fucktard who abuses it

2019-10-17 19:16:29 UTC [JFG.world #book-discussion]  

Mazel Tov

2019-10-17 19:35:51 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Sweden has a surprising amount of guns based off the stuff Ive seen

2019-10-17 19:37:06 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Indoor ranges in the US are always slug only

2019-10-17 19:38:18 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Every. Fucking. Time.

2019-10-17 19:44:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

The fighting back has begun

2019-10-17 19:44:52 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Billy Ray not unbanned yet?

2019-10-17 19:46:15 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Ah, figured hed be the first going off about it

2019-10-17 19:47:20 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-17 19:47:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Well at least one good thing came out of this

2019-10-17 19:48:17 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

JFG.world is officially racism free

2019-10-17 19:49:04 UTC [JFG.world #curiosities]  

Serifus finally decides to post something no one will complain about, lol

2019-10-17 19:50:50 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-17 19:51:19 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

its funny, when I got home last night I was so lazy i never signed on to Discord

2019-10-17 19:51:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

and it saved me

2019-10-17 19:51:35 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

luckiest guy ever

2019-10-17 19:52:03 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Accounting of what?

2019-10-17 19:52:13 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-17 19:52:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Oh, for roles

2019-10-17 19:52:45 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

You have grounds to sue her in a UK court

2019-10-17 19:59:40 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Mmmm cookies

2019-10-17 19:59:45 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

now im hungy

2019-10-17 20:02:39 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-17 20:02:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-17 20:02:44 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-17 20:03:35 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Aen would have made sure Isolace never got Mod

2019-10-17 22:09:22 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-17 22:09:37 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

There were quite a few nazees in the 3rd Reich

2019-10-17 22:09:59 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

We should honestly make Soros an Alt-Right symbol

2019-10-17 22:10:20 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

An example for all jews to follow

2019-10-17 22:11:32 UTC [JFG.world #curiosities]  


2019-10-17 22:19:14 UTC [JFG.world #book-discussion]  

It looks like the first bits of each chapter are missing from the document

2019-10-17 22:19:17 UTC [JFG.world #book-discussion]  

makes it hard to read

2019-10-17 22:26:02 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

They have actually done tests on the "chamber" walls

2019-10-17 22:26:16 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

They tested for Zyklon B specifically though

2019-10-17 22:26:38 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Results came back mostly negative

2019-10-17 22:26:52 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

But the chemical breaks down super quick when exposed to the elements

2019-10-17 22:27:04 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-17 22:29:32 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

The presence of Zyklon isnt the big deal though. The use of that is admitted

2019-10-17 22:29:37 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

but it is NOT for killing people

2019-10-17 22:29:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

and thats the real issue

2019-10-17 22:30:59 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Lice, not rats

2019-10-17 22:31:11 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

its literally a bug fumigator

2019-10-17 22:31:16 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

it CAN kill humans

2019-10-17 22:31:24 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

but that would be very inefficient

2019-10-17 22:32:02 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

or just starve them

2019-10-17 22:32:10 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

You are their only source of food

2019-10-17 22:37:09 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Hitler still thought they were going to win in 44

2019-10-17 22:37:13 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

so that doesnt make sense

2019-10-17 22:41:46 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-17 23:50:24 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Not according to ABC news

2019-10-17 23:50:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

That Turkish woman horrifically slaughtered a subway car full of Kurds

2019-10-17 23:53:29 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-17 23:53:38 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

must not have paid his bribes

2019-10-17 23:53:56 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Which is why that woman is my hero

2019-10-17 23:55:53 UTC [JFG.world #news]  


2019-10-17 23:56:12 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

Thankfully Mexico has banned guns so that solves that

2019-10-17 23:57:25 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

So apparently this is a retaliatory strike

2019-10-18 00:01:06 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

he did

2019-10-18 00:01:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Drugged out emo kids blowing their head off is hardly a conspiracy

2019-10-18 00:02:26 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

The only part I doubt is that the A10 he used to "do it" might have been too long to reach the trigger

2019-10-18 00:06:23 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Trick question, they were all terrible

2019-10-18 00:07:00 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Shitty 90's music is what ruined my generation

2019-10-18 00:07:46 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

It was all sad and depressing and had no good messages

2019-10-18 00:08:21 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

music for blacks was designed to make them more violent, music for whites was to get them drug addicted

2019-10-18 00:09:15 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

At least the coke-fueld 80's music was largely harmless, even if it wasnt particualrly positive

2019-10-18 00:15:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Did Courtney actually inherit anything?

2019-10-18 00:15:20 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

And why would those cops help?

2019-10-18 00:16:15 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Those "motives" were shit

2019-10-18 00:16:37 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

And it doesnt say the cops did the killing

2019-10-18 00:16:56 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

to NOT have a murder case

2019-10-18 00:17:04 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Just that they called it a suicide

2019-10-18 00:17:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Still seems like an overly complicated case for literally zero payoff for them

2019-10-18 00:30:53 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

pick one

2019-10-18 00:32:50 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-18 00:32:59 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

hed get killed if he ratted even one of them out

2019-10-18 00:34:16 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Small Retail is rife with theft

2019-10-18 00:34:39 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

people get jobs at Walmart, Target, and Gamestop for the sole purpose of stealing

2019-10-18 00:44:46 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Ah, so i see you go to Walmart late too

2019-10-18 00:45:11 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Its true. management does NOT understand this anymore

2019-10-18 00:45:21 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Quality people need quality pay

2019-10-18 00:46:53 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

yeah, there is a lot of that

2019-10-18 00:47:06 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Middle management is goddamn trash

2019-10-18 00:52:05 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

@Nerthulas the local Farmers Market is usually good

2019-10-18 00:53:49 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

property tax is the devil

2019-10-18 00:54:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

the only reason to own land is to rent

2019-10-18 00:54:22 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

its teh only way to make enough to pay the taxes

2019-10-18 00:55:25 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Its not Communist. Its an incredibly dumb amalgamation of Communism and Capitalism. The worst of both worlds. its the Tim Poole of economics systems.

2019-10-18 00:56:26 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

what is your definition of "avenue"?

2019-10-18 00:58:32 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

They do tax the 1%

2019-10-18 00:58:58 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

People seem to think the "rich" have lots and lots of income. They dont. They have static assets

2019-10-18 00:59:07 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

THats why you are a fucktard

2019-10-18 00:59:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

you can NOT tax holdins

2019-10-18 00:59:18 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Or you eliminate them

2019-10-18 00:59:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

And old people are teh most affected by that scheme

2019-10-18 00:59:35 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-18 00:59:37 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-18 00:59:40 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-18 01:00:23 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

The "rich" dont pay gobs of income tax because THEY DONT HAVE THAT MUCH INCOME

2019-10-18 01:00:29 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

They hold stocks

2019-10-18 01:00:31 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

like bezos

2019-10-18 01:00:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I bet Bezos doesnt even have $500 in his pocket

2019-10-18 01:01:14 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-18 01:01:26 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-18 01:02:08 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Bezos own shit tons of stock he can never sell

2019-10-18 01:02:21 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

he lives off of borrowed money from those stocks

2019-10-18 01:03:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

That way of thinking is why people no longer pass houses to their children

2019-10-18 01:03:17 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

We tax their house to the moon

2019-10-18 01:03:27 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

so they HAVE to sell them instead of passing them on

2019-10-18 01:03:50 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Farmers used to own their own land. Then FDR came around with your way of thinking

2019-10-18 01:04:02 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

And taxed them out of it

2019-10-18 01:04:09 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

because they were "rich"

2019-10-18 01:04:16 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

and now we have giant Agri-businesses

2019-10-18 01:30:14 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

πŸ…±reddy much

2019-10-18 01:30:29 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

the 50s was a smokescreen

2019-10-18 01:30:47 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Artificial prosperity from having the worlds only standing factories post WW2

2019-10-18 01:31:17 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

While people were fat and happy watching Howdy Doody they were desegregating and plotting our deaths

2019-10-18 01:31:51 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

and for the love of GOD, just watch this new TV thingy and do NOT reflect on the outcome of WW2

2019-10-18 01:32:09 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Hey why did the Soviets...... TEEEEEEVEEEEEEE

2019-10-18 01:32:18 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-18 01:34:39 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-18 03:21:08 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I thought that last tweet was a meme at first

2019-10-18 17:32:46 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  

Brittney Venti tier titties

2019-10-18 18:13:43 UTC [JFG.world #streamwatching]  

Live on a Friday

2019-10-18 18:17:22 UTC [JFG.world #gaming]  

Never fall for this

2019-10-18 18:22:15 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Stefan inched to the right so slowly we didn't notice him becoming literally Hitler

2019-10-18 18:25:39 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

Wait till you see the "human" picture

2019-10-18 18:26:07 UTC [JFG.world #news]  


2019-10-18 18:28:49 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

This ^

2019-10-18 18:35:43 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

The Twitter reports Str3tch posted yesterday were wild. If the US were a functional state we would be invading this hellhole right now

2019-10-18 19:06:43 UTC [JFG.world #ideas-and-debates]  

Who the fuck even considers Kevin Logan relevant?

2019-10-18 19:08:10 UTC [JFG.world #ideas-and-debates]  

Styx is losing relevance too.

2019-10-18 19:09:23 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

Also, be sure to put a Siege mask and AR15 in the pic

2019-10-18 19:09:29 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

that will scare people sufficiently

2019-10-18 19:14:45 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  


2019-10-18 19:14:48 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  


2019-10-18 19:14:48 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  


2019-10-18 19:16:21 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  

Her whole back is tattoos, looks even worse

2019-10-18 19:19:25 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  


2019-10-18 19:19:35 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  

Well, sides at least

2019-10-18 19:19:45 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  

and OFC a harry potter tat.....

2019-10-18 19:26:06 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-18 19:29:16 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-18 19:29:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

The Cartels deployed all their troops and put the town under siege

2019-10-18 19:29:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

They handed El Chuapos son back

2019-10-18 19:29:45 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

and ran

2019-10-18 19:30:29 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

They DO run it

2019-10-18 19:30:35 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

and we ARE getting all the refugees

2019-10-18 19:30:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

all the people too cowardly to fight back

2019-10-18 19:30:51 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

They arent sending their best

2019-10-18 19:31:31 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

No, there is one man sitting in Mexican jail who fought back

2019-10-18 19:31:44 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

he organzied a rag tag milita and ran the cartels out of his town

2019-10-18 19:31:59 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

The GOVERNMENT arrested him and locked him up for it

2019-10-18 20:07:03 UTC [JFG.world #creamofthecrop]  

Fucking based

2019-10-18 20:07:18 UTC [JFG.world #creamofthecrop]  

if more people did this then MAYBE these kids would get a clue

2019-10-18 20:07:45 UTC [JFG.world #creamofthecrop]  

I had mute on

2019-10-18 20:09:31 UTC [JFG.world #creamofthecrop]  

yeah, work is a foreign concept to these dolts

2019-10-18 20:09:41 UTC [JFG.world #creamofthecrop]  

An Oldy, but very relevant again

2019-10-18 20:12:11 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

Jim is planning the Mexican Invasion

2019-10-18 20:34:55 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Here, in another channel

2019-10-18 20:35:08 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-18 20:40:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

based mama

I agree with the critiques

For all the resources MC has at its disposal the updates are fucking pitiful

It takes them 6 months to add goddamn bees

Took them 10 years to make Villagers worth having around

2019-10-18 21:26:15 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

The smallest individual unit is πŸ…±enis

2019-10-18 21:28:54 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Not as bad as 5

2019-10-18 21:29:25 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-18 21:29:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

And cities shoot at enemy units in their range

2019-10-18 21:30:18 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

No, and no one else has seen TWD if the last 3 seasons ratings are any indication

2019-10-18 21:30:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Who would have thought that a show that constantly kills off likeable characters would fail so bad?

2019-10-18 21:32:54 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Its pretty bad when the majority of your current cast werent even in the comics

2019-10-18 21:34:26 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

because I know comics exist?

2019-10-18 21:34:48 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I are defeated

2019-10-18 21:36:19 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

Those Spanish speaking countries are just in bad shape aren't they?

2019-10-18 21:38:05 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-18 21:38:10 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

A new challenger appears!

2019-10-18 21:43:47 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

yeah, i only heard a couple things about it yesterday

2019-10-18 21:43:49 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

now today this

2019-10-18 21:44:01 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

And thats because i will dig for news a bit

2019-10-18 21:44:09 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

It certainly isnt being put in your face

2019-10-18 21:47:16 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

πŸ₯› πŸ₯›

2019-10-18 21:57:11 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

C'mon guys, if you knock Brittney up, her baby will be 1/4 white!

2019-10-18 21:57:22 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Thats only 3/4 more till total huwite

2019-10-18 21:57:52 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Sounds like someone needs a 1/4 huwite baby in them......

2019-10-18 21:58:07 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Shes not a cat

2019-10-18 21:58:21 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

You will have to knock up the offspring

2019-10-18 21:58:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Admittedly, this is a long term project

2019-10-18 21:58:55 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I need to sett up the "Make Venti Huwite Foundation"

2019-10-18 21:59:11 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

A non-profit dedicated to long term gene replacement

2019-10-18 21:59:38 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Thats the Korean way of going about it

2019-10-18 22:00:03 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Mine involves no harsh chemicals. Just pure, white semen

2019-10-18 22:01:34 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Doctors dont make ANY money. Their insurance companies providing malpractice insurance do though

2019-10-18 22:02:21 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Which is low

2019-10-18 22:02:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

$105k for the money they had to spend to get that degree is pitiful

2019-10-18 22:03:44 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-18 22:04:47 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I feel bad for the doctor only making 68k

2019-10-18 22:04:56 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

McDonalds managers make half that

2019-10-18 22:19:58 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

Hmmmm no preview....

2019-10-18 22:20:29 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

Its about Male soldiers getting sexually assaulted in this town where a lot of bases are

2019-10-18 22:20:39 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

Someone has been reading Siege

2019-10-18 22:26:49 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Only if you hunt and kill a lion with a stick first

2019-10-18 22:28:48 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Funny to think that man dirt dobber tribes actually have standards before they let you mate. Very Spartan

I've had Terraria for 5+ years now. Lots of fun. Too bad its very limited overall

2019-10-19 03:03:46 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

Hi guys! I want a magical unicorn to fart diamonds all over me and then leave!

2019-10-19 03:06:06 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

Chile, Mexico, Lebanon, Hong Kong, and Spain

2019-10-19 03:50:07 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

>believing someone is a girl on the internet

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