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2017-11-25 15:04:03 UTC  

Should I get it?

2017-11-25 15:16:23 UTC  

I think we need to make bumper stickers like that. When we see shit libs with the real one we cover it up with this one

2017-11-25 15:19:23 UTC  

Explain the sigma greek letter plz

2017-11-25 15:19:49 UTC  

The rest are obvious

2017-11-25 15:22:51 UTC  

Best i can figure is it looks like an E (even though its an S) and its greek...

2017-11-25 15:24:31 UTC  

@fassel that's the emblem of the Brazilian *Integralistas*

2017-11-25 15:24:41 UTC  

a bit obscure, but needed to make it work

2017-11-25 15:24:57 UTC  

*wheres my rock*

2017-11-25 15:25:12 UTC  

bumper sticker is too big brained

2017-11-25 15:25:16 UTC  

Im unfamiliar with that entirely lol i guess ive got some googling to do

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2017-11-25 19:31:54 UTC  

Everyone say their prayers today?

2017-11-25 19:38:45 UTC  

Tfw people think NS is Capitalist or Individualist.

2017-11-25 20:12:07 UTC  

My legit family: "we think with the posting you do on facebook, you will like join ISIS or another group like that"

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2017-11-25 20:12:52 UTC  

God mainstream conservatives are stupid.

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2017-11-25 20:16:46 UTC  

8chan is autism embodied

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2017-11-25 20:18:08 UTC  

There's a guy I follow on Facebook who genuinely thinks NatBols are subverting everyone lol

2017-11-25 20:18:42 UTC  

Apparently, according to the thread, we're actually secret Duganists , the pitchfork actually represents arrows and the color scheme of our flag is a subtle representation of our Duganism.

2017-11-25 20:19:00 UTC  

Tfw Heimbach admits he was a Israel supporting cuckservative in high school, but people still bring those photos up.

2017-11-25 20:25:57 UTC  

Woke ni66az know that he was actually trying to brainwash the real Israel supporters into Duganists 🤣

2017-11-25 20:30:34 UTC  

I wonder what it feels like to be an anonfag overwhelmed by impotent rage, angrily typing out slander knowing that there is nothing they can do to slow us down , much less stop us.

Even their waifu body pillows secretly support us.

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2017-11-25 20:49:37 UTC  

Genuinely sorry for the ping, but there's some shit going on with Ironmarch and Ropeculture @everyone. Slavros has completely dropped off the map. Just a heads-up. Might not be a bad idea to remove him from your friends-list in case there's some Russian Federal involvement.

2017-11-25 20:50:16 UTC  

Yeah do remove him

2017-11-25 20:51:47 UTC  

Why the hell does no one ever wanna do anything out west. It seems so unorganized out here

2017-11-25 20:52:08 UTC  

A bunch of people flake out and things never go according to plan

2017-11-25 20:52:36 UTC  

On top of that, there's only like a handful of people and the TRS guys are starting a bunch of bullshit infighting

2017-11-25 20:56:02 UTC  

@BloodEagle It's the same everywhere. The trick is to stay dedicated. Eventually you will find people who actually share your commitment instead of just looking for a politically incorrect hobby.

Don't take the black pill.

2017-11-25 20:57:38 UTC  

We have a very dedicated group in Ohio. Good nationalists are out there

2017-11-25 20:58:11 UTC  

I'm trying to stay dedicated, but I'm young with no car or resources or anything.

2017-11-25 20:59:53 UTC  

No one takes my ideas to heart and as mentioned above, people flake out because they want the infamy so bad, but aren't willing to do anything direct

2017-11-25 21:00:35 UTC  

I will stay dedicated. It's just difficult to get things done under current circumstances

2017-11-25 21:38:54 UTC  

@BloodEagle I'm in the Midwest