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If he can do stuff I shouldve been doing stuff

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“If you avoid dying for the honor and freedom of the Fatherland, you will die a criminal or a slave; die for the faith and the Fatherland and you will be granted life and a crown in heaven.”-St. Philaret of Moscow

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Having a spiritual home doesn't negate fighting for your physical home

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Exactly, it was a rare compliment towards christianity from SD, since the too are able to envision the "Golden Age" and struggle towards it, even in a fallen world, just like National Socialists.

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If you ever get the time, I'd be curious as to your thoughts on this book, i found it very informative and thought provoking

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I'll add it to my reading list, fo sho. Ever read Anton Holzner?

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I never actually have, ive heard about it

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I would likewise be very curious of your thoughts.

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dude became an SS officer, right?

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if memory serves me right

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Yeah, he used to be a priest in the Catholic Church, but then he said "Fuck this" and put on Hugo Boss.

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I wish he'd put on the Hugo Boss like Leon Degrelle and stayed a priest, but that's just me

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Degrelle was a hero

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what do you think of the capoid ethiopids? they're orthodox. Should we be extending aid to them once our own people are taken care of, or do you hold Dr. Pierce's position that we shouldn't even *consider* it

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I read "Eternal Front" and "Master Life" by Holzner from Third Reich Books, immediately fell in love with them. It's easy to see why a National Socialist would find being loyal to an international raceless authority to be in conflict, but this is just one position, and even if you didn't agree with his conclusions it contains absolutely irreplaceable wisdom every NS can agree with.

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@MatthewHeimbach “Honor means loyalty toward God’s order of creation, toward the life laws, toward the voice of blood, toward himself. The Almighty has placed the laws of action for people and folks in their blood inside them, in their conscience. To be loyal to these divine laws and hence to be an executor and fulfiller of the divine work of creation and of the will of creation, that is the greatest and highest thing for people, that is their honor.”
- Anton Holzner

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Aye, very true

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@MatthewHeimbach i'm curious about your position on the non-White orthodox

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Out of boundless altruism we should speed up them reaching the heavenly joys.

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Dr. Pierce said we shouldn't even *consider* famine relief for them

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i see his point

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but i know the Church would disagree

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The St. Petersburg Theological Academy in May 2001 released a document on globalism that stated “The ideology of globalization is in opposition to the Christian world outlook and incompatible to it; it takes root and is propagandized in the secular society and the Church through the efforts of the world elite and it expresses its interests. Globalization becomes an embodiment of the utopian idea of mondialism about creation of a unitary, supranational and rigidly controlled community on Earth.”

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Globalism, of which even food aid would be a part, is against the church

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Besides, foreign aid is generally counterproductive even if you felt for the negro orthococks.

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If hypothetically EVERY single one of our people in our nation was taken care of, then our next duty would be all Europeans, and so on

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Out duty isnt to pad the pockets of some somali warlord even if he is orthodox

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And those niggers who were hungry when WLP recorded those broadcasts, well, too late for them to say the least.

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i understand fully the doctrine of exterminationism

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i think it's logically sound

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i'm just trying to reconcile what Dr. Pierce said with what i believe in the Church

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We just focus on us

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Then all Europeans

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Dr. Pierce wasn't a prophet, he wasn't even Christian. But it's tough to know what must be done but also hear the Church's message of compassion

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and by the time we've fed every European, ensured total social justice etc; we'll be on Mars

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If we just cut the Negro off from food aid, their population would return to a sustainable level and theyd be better off in the long term, and no longer a threat to us