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God created the nations, therefore each nation should have its own church

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And Peter was corrected, through a church council of dogma in Acts

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"“Do you know,” said she, “that even as a child I refused to sing the church hymns that alluded to Jehovah or to Israel, on the ground that I was a German and wanted no foreign religion forced upon me? How I understand your nostalgia for the Olympian Gods as well as for your mother’s old Norse ones! How I do!”

“I am glad you do,” I replied. “Only other National Socialists like ourselves have ever understood how important a part that yearning has played in my whole evolution. But fancy that the exact opposite of our attitude is to be found among some European Aryans! Have you heard of a religious sect in England whose members style themselves as ‘British Israelites’?”


“Well, such a sect exists. The adherents, mind you, are not Jews—although some, of course, might be mixed. But I know of some who are thoroughbred Englishmen—Celts and Anglo-Saxons; Aryans. Only they try to prove—by the most spurious arguments—that they and the whole English nation are descended from some ‘lost tribe’ of Israel. Pure-blooded Aryans trying to make out that they are Jews; wanting to be Jews! Have you ever heard of such disgraceful nonsense as that?”

“Well,” put in Herr H, “they have been taught for over 1,500 years that the Jews are ‘God’s chosen people.’ Can you blame them? As you say yourself, the original crime lies in the adoption of Christianity.”

“The one before the last of the Twenty-Five Points,” said I, “although it states that the Party as such stands for ‘a positive Christianity,’ advocates ‘liberty for all religious denominations in the state, so long as they are not a danger to it, and do not militate against the moral feelings of the Germanic race.” Alfred Rosenberg has tried to explain what ‘positive’ Christianity means, and it appears to me that he has just reduced it to that basic commonsense morality which any Aryan can accept."

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where's that from?

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Can you weight in on that "basic commonsense morality" bit, knowing a bit about positive christianity, how it was theologically different from regular protestantism?

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"Christian faith is a heroic, manly thing. God speaks in blood and Volk a more powerful language than He does in the idea of humanity."-Joachim Hossenfelder head of the German Christian Movement

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@Tarnfurt "And the time rolls on"

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this is one of the most contentious issues within the movement, i know that

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Yeah np, Protestantism cut itself off in many ways from the Orthodox view of nation and the fact in Orthodoxy to change dogma, its basically impossible due to the nature of church councils

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Protestantism in Germany was closer to Orthodoxy than Catholicism, but both were missing key elements of what Fr. Martin Luther famously said "the Truth lies with the Greeks"

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why didn't Luther become orthodox?

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Mostly the fact that he wanted Rome to get back to its roots, which would have been Orthodoxy

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Father Luther never wanted to split from the Catholic Church, only fix it

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seems like he'd have an easier time accomplishing that by sparking an Orthodox revolution as opposed to the Protestant one

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after hearing catholics talk about him

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you'd think he was satan

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Tbh he said even the Turks were better than the Pope, I don't know how much of his orthodoxbooness comes out of theological considerations and how much is just countersignaling everything the Pope does. But yea.

2017-10-03 01:52:59 UTC  

why the heresy with sola scriptura and sola fide, then?

2017-10-03 01:53:26 UTC  

I have huge respect for Fr. Luther. The German people shouldnt be sending money to Rome, they should be helping their countrymen, they should be their own bishops, the mass should be in germany etc

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After the latest I have taken a strict anti catholic stance

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I'm of a different mind

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as bill the butcher said in gangs of new york "Christian god guide my hand against this roman popery"

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@CatoHostilius is a staunch TradCat and i'm interested in his opinion

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Sola scriptura is goofy, because the Scriptures weren't codified for 400 years almost after the death of Christ. How could we have Christianity without the Bible as the only document to judge things off?

The Sacred Tradition and Sacraments of the Church is the Faith

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I feel we should all stay in our own nation states of course, but if the Catholic church Can help other countries with their outreach, then that's a good thing

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@CatoHostilius For the record, several of our State leaders are Catholic and I adore and love them.

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If Luther knew that, why'd he eject the Septuagint and abide by (a hypocritical) sola scriptura

2017-10-03 01:55:48 UTC  

Luther wasn't perfect, nor was Rome, nor is Orthodox hierarchs. Remember, as Saint John Chrysostom said “The road to Hell is paved with the bones of priests and monks, and the skulls of bishops are the lamp posts that light the path.”

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Our duty is to keep to the Faith and our traditions, simple as that

2017-10-03 01:56:59 UTC  

"Both negate race and private property; they indulge in brainwash, treason, subversionand have resorted to torture and war to get where they want to go, and supposedly a movement for the poor, the hierarchy of both is filthy rich. The Pope and the International have a lot in common with regard to questionable national loyalties and I wonder how the Church would fare against a 'House Un-American Activities Commitee'-style investigation."

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I also feel that the tithes mostly go to your local church in the first place

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Especially true with the new Pope.

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Oh I have naught but disdain for the commie pope

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If anyone is interested in my breakdown of Orthodox nationalism in scripture and tradition...

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“the Church unites in herself the universal with the national… Orthodox Christians, aware of being citizens of the heavenly homeland, should not forget about their earthly homeland… Christian patriotism may be expressed at the same time with regard to a nation as an ethnic community and as a community of its citizens. The Orthodox Christian is called to love his fatherland, which has a territorial dimension, and his brothers by blood who live everywhere in the world. This love is one of the ways of fulfilling God’s commandment of love to one’s neighbor which includes love to one’s family, fellow-tribesmen and fellow-citizens...

The patriotism of the Orthodox Christian should be active. It is manifested when he defends his fatherland against an enemy, works for the good of the motherland, cares for the good order of people’s life through, among other things, participation in the affairs of government. The Christian is called to preserve and develop national culture and people’s self-awareness.”-Russian Orthodox Church declaration On Church and Nation

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Lol Esoterism Heimbachism?

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it was something I made up when I was bored

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I wanted my website to be an alt right onion style