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2017-04-24 22:45:58 UTC  

I was getting more morphine than a dying 80 year old woman from my (((doctor))) when I was strung out7 years ago. All I have is a herniated disk and sculliosis

2017-04-24 22:46:25 UTC  

jesus, that sucks!

2017-04-24 22:46:43 UTC  

Like I know a junkie with a prescription for buprenorphine, tramadol, xanax, pregabaline, gabapentine and a few others, and there are a ton like him

2017-04-24 22:47:25 UTC  

those junky's visit 3, 4 doctors to get all that shit

2017-04-24 22:47:36 UTC  

Or just one really irresponsible one.

2017-04-24 22:48:45 UTC  

If you want pain medication, you pretty much have to score them from the street or be really good at convincing some doctors at private clinic.

2017-04-24 22:50:04 UTC  

Guess who owns oxycontin

2017-04-24 22:50:25 UTC  

Some Pharmaberg?

2017-04-24 22:51:00 UTC  

my sister has RSD, a reflex nerve system issue. they give her all kinds of stuff. it's weird she nods off all the time in the evening

2017-04-24 22:51:52 UTC  

All jews

2017-04-24 22:52:18 UTC  

I'd rather writhe in pain than to be a long term user.

2017-04-24 22:52:21 UTC  

When I cut out using the stuff, I had this friend who did the same thing at the same time, and another one who upped his use in the same time. Now the other friend is in great shape, no bizarre mood shifts, studying, got his life together and the other one is in debt, probably soon homeless and eating out of the trash regularly.

2017-04-24 22:52:30 UTC  

For fucking shame.

2017-04-24 22:52:58 UTC  

It's easy to say if you can move sober.

2017-04-24 22:54:46 UTC  

I told my surgeon just six months ago I wanted my leg removed after it breaking in 2015. Had bones sticking out and everything. That was just one injury. I know pain well.

2017-04-24 22:56:44 UTC  

The Twitter account, @Illegal_Aryan, took credit for the signs, saying in an April 22 tweet that included for pictures of the flyers, "Hey UPenn- Saaaaaaay N----R! #dayoftheflyer."

The account, which has 406 followers, features a bio that reads, "I'm a good boy, I didn't do anything." It also links to The Daily Stormer, a site that regularly propagates white supremacist material.

2017-04-24 22:59:15 UTC  

@jer szak And good for you I guess.

2017-04-24 22:59:24 UTC  

My twitter is @huntersr1488

2017-04-24 22:59:56 UTC  

whoops, belay that. it's @extremusgladius

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What a hero!

2017-04-24 23:04:16 UTC  

@jer szak do you still have your lef

2017-04-24 23:04:18 UTC  


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2017-04-24 23:06:37 UTC  

Yeah, but they put it back on crooked, so I use a cane now when walking any distance.

2017-04-24 23:07:07 UTC  

Its getting better but still pretty fudged

2017-04-24 23:07:08 UTC  

I didn't do the Kekistan flag

2017-04-24 23:07:25 UTC  

I'd like to chill with whoever did

2017-04-24 23:12:03 UTC  

Just like the Iranian jews the Sassoon family and the opium wars with China. Always the mother fucking jews.

2017-04-24 23:16:23 UTC  

Sassoon's were Mizrahi? I did not know that

2017-04-24 23:16:52 UTC  

Bloody kikes

2017-04-24 23:17:20 UTC  

they think they just ought to be allowed to get away with everything, because 'muh chosen people'

2017-04-24 23:17:46 UTC  

I like Rockwell's fable The Ducks and the Hens.

2017-04-24 23:18:13 UTC  

So what's this about paddy coming to pikeville now? I talked to him about 3 weeks ago and he said he couldn't make it

2017-04-24 23:18:29 UTC  

I hope he is, I saw he was at first.

2017-04-24 23:18:50 UTC  

He'll be cleaning his oven this weekend.

2017-04-24 23:18:56 UTC  


2017-04-24 23:19:03 UTC  

Damned kiked leave a helluva mess

2017-04-24 23:19:09 UTC  

I'm gonna bring my banjo up there