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The only reason one strives to create a society like what Hitler strived for is to secure at least one generation of prosperity for their children. Anything else is an insecure pipe-dream.

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Civilizations, no matter how great, are destined for failure.

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Theft is sneaky, you lie about theft, my ancestors took this shit by right of "It's mine now fuck off".

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it is the nature of cyclicalism.

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All we can do is let *our* offspring enjoy the fruits of our turmoil.

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And hope against all hope that they can secure something similar.

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But we know they never will.

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Circumstances change,

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And with them, so do actions.

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_smells Nihilism_

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@YWMaga >When you don't believen private property but claim that others are able to steal land from each other

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>we must create an age of prosperity for our children

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Cycles are inherent in human interaction.
We thrive, fall into degeneracy and then strive once more to thrive.

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It's the nature of all things.

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The circle of time is the circle of life.

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this shit 'ey.

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The Black Sun is not an illustration of some mass in space. It is a map of the very nature of all matter.

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@YWMaga Was hitler an individualist?

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Hitler was a fascist of the Nationalist Socialist variety.

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it answers your question in the quote lol

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he was for individualism as long as it sered the greater good of the community

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Individuals serve to define the nature and the mythos of a culture.

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But Individualism is a cancer

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If you support invidualism how can you expect it to serve the greater good of the community?

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And must be driven out

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Because if you reject individualism wholely you may get uncontroled traditionalism or collectivism.
Both of which harm the community.

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>not being collectivist

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TFW no Finnish master race gf

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Why even live

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It is great for a nation to have great men arise and help, but it is not ideal to strangle everyone for the dream of great men.

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"The Poison of Subjectivism" by C.S. Lewis answers the Individualism VS Collectivism standstill. Too much of either, and you go astray.

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by limiting hedonism and degeneracy that leads nowhere

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I love the Ak

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>t. Russian