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2017-05-26 02:11:47 UTC  

36 minutes, we covered the hypocrisy of modern Churchianity, duality, the concept of eternity in the Aryan mind, the infiltration of Marxism into seminaries, touched on Atlantis/Babel, etc.

2017-05-26 02:12:20 UTC  

Along the lines of Sven Longshanks, whom we credit.

2017-05-26 02:23:27 UTC  

Oh shit I knew you looked familiar, I went to church with you the day after

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2017-05-26 02:24:37 UTC  

They called the troopers on us, remember?

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Yeah man how are y'all doing?

2017-05-26 02:25:28 UTC  

That wasn't a church, that was a den of kikery.

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We had a rally a few days back, it wasn't as big as expected and we got rained out but at least the ritual went well.

2017-05-26 02:26:18 UTC  

Yeah I hated to miss that. Y'all doing anything like it soon?

2017-05-26 02:26:50 UTC  

Oh I have another business idea: producing and selling Silicon Metal

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2017-05-26 02:28:06 UTC  

Probably within the next two months I'm sure. I'm hoping to incorporate more liturgical elements into the ceremony, having a censing of the altar, passages read, and a shrine erected.

2017-05-26 02:28:43 UTC  

Great, try to let me know a solid date asap, I'll be sure to get down there.

2017-05-26 02:30:15 UTC  

In the meantime we're working on getting together a leaflet distribution for the Sand Mountain area. Perhaps when we do that everyone who'd like to participate could come down and visit my parish church. It's essentially a confederate hold-out that keeps low-key. All-white.

2017-05-26 02:30:25 UTC  

Will do though 😃

2017-05-26 02:31:17 UTC  

Unlike Mr. Bill's preference for "independent Baptist" churches, mine is Anglo-Catholic and uses the King's English.

2017-05-26 03:46:23 UTC  

I heard a disturbing rumor.

2017-05-26 03:46:47 UTC  

I cannot verify if this info is correct, but it disturbs me

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2017-05-26 03:47:38 UTC  

So, for the past two years I have been attacked by a certain former member of TWP.

2017-05-26 03:48:30 UTC  

@JRobertson one other Goy and I are trying to make it from the Chicago area. Anyone else from the Midwest going?

2017-05-26 03:49:05 UTC  

I can go, I am in Champaign Urbana. If I can get a ride, that would be great, if not I can take train and meet you there.

2017-05-26 03:49:42 UTC  

Yea we're actually looking for a ride honestly. But I may say fuck it and take my car. Just needs a little work.

2017-05-26 03:50:36 UTC  

OK, so this former TWP member contacted FBI to get TWP, me and others in trouble, telling lies.

2017-05-26 03:50:54 UTC  

If you can get to Champaign, IL we can take the train.

2017-05-26 03:51:21 UTC  

What part does the train go to?

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2017-05-26 03:52:05 UTC  

This former TWP member contacted multiple people at my employer trying to get me in trouble. Also contacted the campus police to cause me trouble. I have been under scrutiny because of these things.

2017-05-26 03:52:17 UTC  

AR to Champaign, IL.

2017-05-26 03:52:25 UTC  

The FBI has already dropped the ADL as a reliable source and has been instructed by the Trump administraiton to stop going after "white supremacist" orgs so I wouldn't be too worried.

2017-05-26 03:52:32 UTC  

I dunno, drive here and I'll pay our way

2017-05-26 03:52:52 UTC  

Is it Amtrak?

2017-05-26 03:52:59 UTC  

Just trying to look at times

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2017-05-26 03:53:13 UTC  

As for personal employers they can still cause trouble there 😦

2017-05-26 03:53:19 UTC  

You can park in my driveway

2017-05-26 03:53:39 UTC  

U of IL, C-U campus

2017-05-26 03:54:15 UTC  

Im just tryin to see wat station is near Harrison AR