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2017-04-26 03:53:50 UTC  

Thanks 😊

2017-04-26 03:54:05 UTC  

Any questions, let me know.

2017-04-26 03:54:40 UTC  

am extremely satisfied with it

2017-04-26 03:54:55 UTC  

Yes. So the module presented can be used if, say, I want to use the Pi as a remote pen testing tool as well?

2017-04-26 03:55:25 UTC  

Well, use the standard latest, the 3B.

2017-04-26 03:56:36 UTC  

Alright. Fair enough.

2017-04-26 03:59:56 UTC  

Get a high-gain antennae, say, an Alfa?

2017-04-26 04:01:53 UTC  

Yea. Or even one of those antennas w/ the coil on the insise that is used by HAM radios.

2017-04-26 04:02:25 UTC  

You need to use a specific wireless antennae.

2017-04-26 04:02:33 UTC  


2017-04-26 04:03:20 UTC  

Frequency and transmission determine antennae engineering

2017-04-26 04:03:52 UTC  

DIY is everything. Check Instructables website.

2017-04-26 04:04:03 UTC  


2017-04-26 06:43:06 UTC

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2017-04-26 07:12:05 UTC  

Hey there, what park was pikeville originally going to be atl?

2017-04-26 10:43:58 UTC  

Just woke up with these stupid wires on my jaws

2017-04-26 10:44:15 UTC  

They fucking kill

2017-04-26 10:44:16 UTC  


2017-04-26 11:10:22 UTC  

How long you got to keep that shit in

2017-04-26 11:10:33 UTC  

4-6 weeks

2017-04-26 11:10:43 UTC  

They are cutting into my goddamned jaws

2017-04-26 11:11:27 UTC  

I feeel like one of those retarded niggers with the gold mouth

2017-04-26 11:11:47 UTC

2017-04-26 11:12:46 UTC  

Trying to smoke and have a cup of coffee

2017-04-26 11:13:33 UTC  

Looks like I'm gonna be a sperg and play the next Zelda all dat

2017-04-26 11:50:39 UTC  

You see out of your left eye now?

2017-04-26 12:16:21 UTC  

Oh ya

2017-04-26 12:16:30 UTC  

It's healing great

2017-04-26 12:16:35 UTC  

Thanks for axin

2017-04-26 12:29:44 UTC  

Nice bro good shit

2017-04-26 14:09:48 UTC  

Hope you get better quick man, had a buddy who's dad got hit in the back leaving a party and the guy broke his jaw on the sidewalk. Jaw problems like that are some rough shit.

2017-04-26 14:10:07 UTC  

88 degrees on Friday & 88 degrees on Sunday... signs from above?

2017-04-26 14:11:13 UTC  

Pair those numbers with, say, a 14% chance of rainfall and you've got a winner

2017-04-26 14:14:18 UTC  

I hope that piece of shit goes to jail

2017-04-26 14:25:29 UTC  

Fucking pumped for this weekend

2017-04-26 14:25:45 UTC  

I didn't get a helmet

2017-04-26 14:25:50 UTC  


2017-04-26 14:26:06 UTC  

Do you think we'll nerd them?

2017-04-26 14:26:47 UTC  

Yeah probably, but fuck it I got a hard head and that guy who got spiked with a lock was trying to talk to people